”Tell Fashola To Pay Us, We Don’t Want To Kill Nigerians” – Medical Doctors Cry Out

Lagos state doctors are crying out for their salaries which allegedly is still owned to them.


They said that the lagos state officials owed them three months salaries, they say that the government has told them they won’t stop them from going on strike.

They Lagos state Teaching Hospital (LASUTH) doctors said that they are being owed over 3 months salary and have been accused by the Lagos state government of not going to work.

They said Fashola and the officials should pay their fees and in their words: ” Tell Fashola To Pay Us, We Don’t Want To Kill Nigerians”.

They said that the government is owing them for salaries of May, April 2012 and August 2014.

They all chanted that they won’t surrender their rights and allow the officials subjugate them, they said they are also not interested in working part time.

We don’t have enough specialists in Lagos state nor in Nigeria, they said blasting the government former stance of haveing enough specialists in the medical sector.

The Lagos state Government had accused the doctors of not going to work during their NMA strike.

This was during the same time that the ebola virus hit the nation.