The Yorubas Are Traitors, And I Don’t Care About The Loss Of Northern Blood – Asari Dokubo

The Niger Delta militant leader, Asari Dokubo yesterday said that after Goodluck Jonathan’s term in office is over they will take their oil away.

Asari Dokubo made the threat in a 20-minute phone conversation with Dr Peregrino Brimah, the Sahara Reporters correspondent.

Brimah reports that the conversation was a very heated one, which ranged from the topic of Boko Haram to the 2015 national elections.

Asari Dokubo was said to be unrepentant and aggressive in his total support for the rule of President Jonathan.

Below is Brimah’s account of the conversation between the two.

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I told him that at a time I had respected him (Dokubo) but now he has lost all my respect; asking how much money would make him support a killer leadership. I asked how insensitive he was witnessing how Jonathan’s corruption had undermined the army and how the president’s failures (not complying with the Paris summit agreement to station 700 troops to defend the border) directly led for instance to the death of over 2500 defenseless Nigerians at Baga.

He mentioned Fulani.

I asked what the poor Kanuri fishermen and farmers of Baga had to do with a so-called Fulani thing.

He responded that the killings were in the north and he had no business or care about that. He further cited wars in other places and the example of Libya and the sack of Moammar Gaddafi.

I told him that in those cases there was not an inebriated and cluelessly corrupt government that caused the preventable wars and asked him why then does he support Jonathan who disgraced Africa being the first African leader to support the NATO destruction of Gaddafi and Libya in effect, while great leaders like Jacob Zuma stood behind Libya.

He said something about having trained in Libya and accused General Buhari, chief opposition candidate of receiving funds for his presidential campaign in 2011 from Gaddafi.

I did not understand his point, because I supported Gaddafi and Libya against the colonialist sponsored invasion and have no grouse with Gaddafi.

I insisted; that why will he support a Jonathan who aided the hegemonists destroy North Africa by sacking Gaddafi, now leading to the proliferation of arms and instability in the entire region.

I went on to ask him how much he had been paid and what this money was worth, that it made him sell his soul for a hopeless candidate.

He continued a tirade against the North, the “Gambari’s” and the Yorubas, saying all were traitors and that why am I interested in the Fulani ruling me.

I told him that this conversation had nothing to do with Buhari; that if he wanted he should not support anyone, or should have brought out a responsible candidate from his family, but how does his conscience feel supporting someone who was killing innocent people across the country.

He responded again accusing Yorubas, the group to which I belong, of being traitors and bragging of all the bombs his terror group had detonated across Yoruba land.

I told him that his desperation for a penny had made him betray the true struggle of the Ijaw people; I pointed out that Bayelsa was the most polluted piece of land on the planet with terrible suffering.

He challenged my stats and asked me what I knew about Bayelsa.

I responded that I lived there for a year and that the sky there is still red with burning of natural gas. I told him how oil spillage has destroyed their ecosystem under Jonathan.

He asked how long Jonathan had been there.

I retorted that 6 years was long enough to effect transformation.

He said I lied and that I had never lived in Bayelsa.

I went ahead to describe Bayelsa to him.

He was very angry and continued to curse Yoruba people as traitors who betrayed in the past and threatened that the Yorubas will feel the wrath of the Ijaw.

I told him he was a coward, that if he was not he would have liberated his father’s house and kept the oil under its soil for himself.

He laughed and responded that we (Nigerians) are their slave; that they will support Jonathan to rule till 2019 after which they will then take “their” oil and go.

He said they were just punishing us for now.

I asked him if Jonathan was supervising the Boko Haram pogrom of the north as some sort of “revenge” for Nigeria’s past errors.

I asked him why Goodluck Jonathan had not restructured the country so he can preside over Otueke and leave other people alone and not continue to finance and supervise our suffering and deaths. Telling him about the failure of the national conference when only the Yorubas in attendance and Northerners like the Lamido of Adamawa had asked for their own sovereignty, but his people had failed to make such push and Jonathan had failed to use the avenue of the conference to bring about change.

He asked me why I was not invited to attend it.

I asked where his conscience was and how he felt about the deaths of thousands of innocent people because of the little change he got from the corrupt Jonathan government.

I told him that the money does not pass the fourth generation and that the little money he gets that has made him betray the Kalabari kingdom and great King Amachree and the people of Ijaw land will be finished before he knows it and shame will remain to his name.

He went on a tirade about some stuff I could not really understand. It had to do with killing and bombings and stuff.

I told him he was a coward.

He was very upset throughout the interview. I really wish he pays attention to his blood pressure.

Interestingly, he has a Chief Security Officer, CSO; his CSO named Commander George believes in Nigeria.

By Dr. Peregrino Brimah

Asari Dokubo, Tompolo and Boyloaf last week threatened the nation with war if President Goodluck Jonathan fails to win the February 14 presidential election.


  • Nigerians just have to look for a way to practice true federalism, resource control; or else ethnic discontent, as seen in the north and south south will, in no time, snowball, no matter the political acumen and wizardry of the people at the helm, to the dismemberment of Nigeria.

  • Asari Dokubo is a true Ijaw man who was sent by God. Look at the history of Oil revenue and how it is being spent, look at what happened to the owners of this natural resource, look at what happened to Isaac Boro, look at what happened to Saro Wiwa and all other agitators of equality.

    Oil piped from Niger Delta to thousands of kilometers up north , to develop the north without any tangible development at source.

    Asari Dikubo and his brothers deserve true federal government presence in that region ,apologies, assurances and reassurances for peace to reign in their region.

    Jonathan winning this election or not is not bringing agitation. It is the bottled up hanger and lack of sincere and clear policy about this region giving us oil which is the main stay of the economy.

    This is just my personal opinion and I pray some elements of doom of retrogression of deceit will not track me for any reason.

    • One the major reason obasanjo supported jonathan was to truly embrace unity and sense of belonging. And now they have their chance for six years and nothing reasonable is being done. They benefit most from the sharing formula and yet nothing good is done. What they know doing best is to enrich their personalities not the community and state at a whole.

  • I still don’t known how some of us reason some times.Asari claim to be fighting to liberate the ijaw people,but the question is that you have your a president from your region,sitting there for good 5 years and the guy did not do anything to give the ijaw people what there deserve.Instead he was empowering people like Asari dokubo with money and that Asari will tell you his investment is in another country.Even his people he claim to love did not even benefit from his money.Yet you are blaming Yoruba for your failure.Shame on you Dokubo and GEJ.You guys are coward,just go and sit down in buhari we trust.

  • Nigeria make a great mistake to handle the country to the militant Jonathan is militant member all those militant are his members thatz why their making noise and he can’t even talked.

  • After going tru wit woteva u wrote, it is so clear dat d conversation is fault, baseless nd misleadin. I bet u, u cnt hv such a conversation wit d Great Asari Dokubo. However, let me on my own warn dat if anytin goes wrong wit our dear president Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, I bet u, dia wil b unquenchable fire in dis country. Beware cos it myt start wit u. Haaaaaaaaaaa Izon!!! Asawana, wana!!! Fearless….

  • This is the idiotic response which the so called Dr Peregrini Brimah narrative he calls interview desires to achieve. By the way, is he the coach of Manchester City?

  • Men, what a story. What in God’s name is wrong with the owner of sahara, what joy does he get in this unscrupulous story? Anyway, what out for part 2. Asari said and I said. God bless the Federal Republic Of Nigeria my country my home.

  • U sahara reporter i are anti-Gej but god that we serve will answer our prayers for Gej to win his second term in office.finish his good work

  • hmmmm dis Yoruba reporter is stupid, insane nd not fit for journalism, how can a he be working for a reputable firm lik sharia nd ther still keep him. how can you be using insultive nd provacative words in interview, do u watch CNN at all, u r bold enough to say d tribe u r from, nd call your president hopless, clueless etc, can u do this in Ghana, not to mention USA. u r interviewing someone nd u lost ur cool, calling him foolish……etc. Wat were u thought in your school of journalism, I even doubt if u r one, this most have being sponsored. u just made me never to listen to shahara news and i call on the management to investigate this BOY yes a small boy @ dat

  • I don’t knw why dis guy always threat out of sense. Or does he think he own nigeria. C Asari, u and ur set ar nt the only one that have the monopoly to destroy/ repel. Almost every1 has that. As long as u don’t care hw lives are been wasted in d north, u should not likewise expect us to treat u tauts with passion and pastries. Let Nigeria divide, let there b war. We are al ready to die fr our dear country! Sai Buhari for now!!

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