Tinubu, APC, Preventing Buhari From Embarking On Foreign Medical Trip – Fayose

Ayodele-FayoseGovernor Ayodele Fayose of Ekiti State has pleaded with leaders of the All Progressives Congress, APC, particularly a national leader of the party, Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, to be human enough to allow the party’s presidential candidate, General Mohammadu Buhari (rtd) proceed for a purported medical check-up abroad.

The governor maintained his earlier allegation that Buhari is in a poor state of health but is being prevented from traveling abroad for medical treatment by Tinubu.

A statement by the Governor’s Special Assistant on Public Communications and New Media, Lere Olayinka quoted Fayose as saying at a campaign rally in Omuo Ekiti, Ekiti East Local Government on Wednesday that “Buhari is a car with a damaged engine but being packaged by Tinubu and his cabal whose only interest is the wealth of Nigeria”.

He said; “In all the campaign rallies held by the APC, Buhari never spoke for more than six minutes.

“Buhari will just utter some words that he had rehearsed and any attempt to bring in new words always result to confusion in his brain due to senility. That was the reason he called his running mate Osunbade instead of Osinbajo and also referred to Imo State as Ibo State.

“This is clear evidence of ill-health, old and and senility.  Those packaging Buhari to achieve their personal ambition of gaining unhindered access to the wealth of Nigeria should fear God and allow this old man to take care of his health”, the governor said.

Speaking further, Fayose, who insisted that Buhari is old and sick said; “they had programmed Buhari to travel to the U.S on 26th of this month, but they opted out when the secret trip was reported in the media.

“As a cover-up, the APC cabal sold a story to the press that Buhari was invited to attend a programme in the US by the Center for Strategic and International Studies, (CSIS).

“Interestingly, the CSIS programme was billed for January 26, the same day Buhari was said to have planned his medical trip to the United States of America.

“However, the programme was cancelled, leaving Buhari with no excuse to travel and instead of them to allow the man to travel as he had planned, the APC cabal, who are obviously more interested in the presidency than Buhari’s welfare are urging him on”.


  • Can u count how many times your boss have travelled for medical check-up,now u are mocking someone’s health fitness dat is not concern you,did this ha e brain at all,those that are giving u audience only worshipping money cos fayose is not human but beast.

  • Yes,actually de old man is not well all nigerians know but Tinubu is supporting him bcos of “Osunbade” who will suceed him. remember Yardua

  • yes..that man seriously need medical checkup..from my own point of view I tink dey are using buhari’s head,just to win the election which is impossible..till I die I wil still remain faithful to the ruling party(PDP)..
    George from kaduna state.


    Dear youth, how easy it is to forget! The man who is screaming “change” with his last breath watched as your colleagues were slaughtered because he didn’t win in 2011.
    Dear parents and elders, why did you not train up good role models and mentor the young? Why don’t we have good men running for office?
    Dear Buhari, give it up. Retire. For the past 30 years, what have you done to show you love Nigeria and have a great vision for it? What personal achievements or improvements have you embarked on?
    Dear Mr. President destiny saw it fit to make you President. I suggest you focus on 3 things; Insecurity, Economy and Power. Fire all YOUR lackluster staff and hire people who are deserving and can get the job done.
    Dear Nigerians, What are you doing now to show that you are a good and true Nigerian that loves this country and wants the best for it?
    You see, I believe that most of us just look for scapegoats to blame for living mediocre lives. We need to do our best to make this country the greatest in the world.
    We are not just talking about the next 4 years; we are talking about the future of Nigeria. We either come together and build for the future or turn back the hands of time.
    I love my country. I believe that president Jonathan will take this country forward.
    Nigerians, vote wisely.

  • @loveth dere is a saying dat says 1 gud turn deserve another, GEJ has faul Nigeria, dis is a man dat cum out nd said is once like u & I dat he has no shoes bt now God has made him a shoe producer nd he didn’t want other pple to ve shoe

  • Eeh pls leave Fayose alone the evil man does live after him.We are going to c d end of that hooligan Gov of a bunch of erudites.Am sure Fayose is panicking and watc him somebody of his nature will decamp to APC if GEJ loose.Poor FAYOSE BUHARI CANNOT DIE BUT LIVE.FAYOSE,FAYOSE OO,FAYOSE OOOOOO HOW MANY TIME DID I CALL U PLS LEAVE BUHARI ALONE PLS

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