Top 10 Beauty Blunders Made By Women That Turn Men Off

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article-2015169573635856000We all know that every woman loves to dress up well and wear the best makeup before she steps out of her home. And why shouldn’t this love be there? After all, it gives a really good feeling when she make heads turn, wherever she goes.
Well, you certainly would be aware of the fact that the spruced up look is one of the keys to grab the attention of the man of your dreams for all good reasons. But, are you also aware of the things that turn a man off? Yes, there are certain beauty blunders that women commonly make, and they rarely do go unnoticed by men. So, take a look at this list to find out what those beauty blunders that are, so that you can avoid them.

#1. Eyes full of glitter
We know the love that most women have for the glittery eyes, especially when they get ready for a party. But, unless you want to scare your guy away, go a little light on the glitter. Men prefer to stare right into your eyes rather than being haunted by the ones overloaded with glitter. So, allow them to do so by either avoiding the glitter or by keeping it as subtle as possible.

#2. Layers of foundation
Ideally, foundation is applied on the entire face and neck, to give you an even-toned complexion and hide the dark spots and patches. So, if you end up applying layers of foundation in an attempt to look fairer, it will only make your face look unnatural and cakey. And believe us, men do appreciate the natural beauty and hence, your pancake face is something that is not going to work in your favour to attract them.
When a guy is with you, there are high chances that he would not actually notice the length or density of your eyelashes. But, he certainly will notice them when they are overdone with makeup. So, better don’t make him feel bad about your style sense by applying tons on mascara on your lashes.
Well, if you lack the skills of doing a good eye makeup, then why not try something easier? Like, wearing the fake lashes! And if you don’t know the process, then here is How To Apply False Eyelashes In 5 Easy Steps

#4. Hairy body
Undoubtedly, hairy body parts are a complete turn off for men. This is one of those things, which no guy ever fails to notice. So, to save yourself from the embarrassment, always stay well-groomed at all the times, and especially when you are going out for a date or a party.

#5. Dry skin
While the well-hydrated skin always gives a good feeling to your man whenever he touches you, the rough skin of course, does not even look good. Usually, men do not like to see dry hands or cracked heels. So, if your skin type is dry, keep it hydrated with a good moisturiser.

#6. Very sticky or chapped lips
Overdoing any part of your body with makeup might get you the attention, but definitely not for any good reasons. That is why, applying excess of gloss on your lips is not a good idea. So, it is better to go subtle. And, even chapped lips are a turn off for most men. Thus, keep them moisturised with a good lip balm.

#7. Dark lip outline
Here is yet another beauty mistake that women are usually observed to be making, that is, they do not merge the lip colour with that of the lip liner. Just imagine his plight when he has to see lips with a dark outline that smudges on to your face loaded with foundation! So, save your man from being sacred of you and wear a lip liner that is of the exact colour as your lipstick. After all, you would also want to make your lips look soft and kissable. Right?

#8. Perfume overload
Women need to understand that when it comes to perfumes, a little is enough. And, a little more is actually much more than enough! Men want you to smell good when they hold you in their arms, but they definitely would not want to have watery eyes because of the fumes of your perfume overload. It might get even worse if too much of perfume gives them a headache.
If you are finding it tough to pick the one that is sure to drive him crazy, then play safe by trying the Scents to Woo Your Partner According to Their Zodiac Sign

#9. Extra-long nails
When your guy would be with you, he will definitely want to hold your hand and look into your eyes. However, he definitely will not like the idea of getting stung by your ‘witchy nails’. So, better maintain an average length for your nails, which looks neat and stylish at the same time. Also, wear nail colours that suit your skin tone rather than just wearing something that is in trend. Neon colours may be the hot favourites of the season, but it is not at all worth applying them if they do not suit your complexion.

#10. Heavily sprayed hair
One of the things that most men appreciate in women is their natural hair. Too much hair spray and setting might make your hairdo look like a wig. Unnatural looking hair would obviously turn your man off as it restricts him to gently sway his hands on his lady love’s hair.

So, next time before going out for a party or a date, keep these points in mind so that you don’t scare your man away! After all, makeup should be helping you to enhance your beautiful looks rather than spoiling them. Right?

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