Top 4 Things You Didn’t Know About Late Muna Obiekwe

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The entertainment industry got bereaved few days ago when one of its own, actor Muna Obiekwe got snatched by the cold hands of death.


There were various insinuations as to what killed the actor and father of two. However, the actor who had his private life, private, sadly died of  kidney disease. An ailment which the actor has been battling with for a while but thought he can come through it unscratched but it is sad to know the end right now. air max sneakers
Here are 4 things you did not know about the actor before he died:

1. He was a heavy drinker

Although the actor tried managing the kidney problem, he could not help not taking alcohol despite the doctor’s advice. At a point when the actor approached a Lagos doctor, he was told that if he manages it well, he can overcome it. The doctor made the deceased actor to know that if he can only do up to 20 dialyses, all will be fine.

However, a mother figure in the Nigerian Movie industry, Vera Kanu, while confirming his death said, “I was with him to the last hour. He was to do up to 20 dialyses; the doctor said if the dialysis improved his condition, the worse would certainly be over. He will be okay only if he stays away from alcohol but you know our artiste” she sadly said.

2. Muna Thought He Was Going To Survive The Kidney Ailment

Just like he did the tragic demise of his parents, Muna kept all hopes alive, thinking all will be well in the end. His tragic entrance shut out what he was known for… a man with zero worries. Munachimso whose name means ‘God is walking with me’, is coincidentally a man who thinks just at the end, all will be fine.

Vera Kanu, who is his godmother revealed how the actor managed the situation, saying,  “He was managing it on his own. As a matter of fact, he has been managing it for a while until Ejiro Okurame and I came on board to help. We were combining resources to help him but there was very little we could do to save him. We had to enlist the help of Patience Ozokwor and Kanayo O. Kanayo (KOK) at a point. They rendered the help they could until he died.”

3. He was scared of the press

Being a private guy that he is and not wanting to be seen publicly as one of those celebs who begged even after making the imaginary big money from movies, Muna Obiekwe was said to have preferred to handle the situation all by himself. The actor who died on the tenth dialysis was said to have been spending a fortune on the frequent dialysis.

According to a close source, ”the dialysis was expensive for Muna. He was doing two in a week sometimes. And he would need blood injection on each occasion. Each appointment was costing him between N250, 000 to N300, 000; money he did not really have to spend. His health was eating deep into his purse yet Muna refused to go cap in hand begging for alms. He was a private guy who didn’t want the press or his colleagues to feast on his pain, and cast aspersions on Nollywood’s industry of beggars’.

4. He was one of the three busiest actors in Nollywood

Another thing you did not know about the actor is that Muna Obiekwe is one of the busiest actors n Nollywod. He is tagged alongside Mike Ezuronye and Yul Edochie. Muna is also the first cousin of Yul Edochie, which makes him a member of Pete Edochie’s family.

It would be recalled that the popular musician and music director, OJB Jezreel, had a kidney transplant in India with the help of his celebrity colleagues who donated generously. But in Muna’s case, there was a sad end, as the Internet went abuzz on Sunday, January 19, 2015 when news of his death surfaced online.

May his soul rest in perfect peace!

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  1. Others should learn from his mistake and arrogance. He was ashamed to go beg for money even when he knew his life was at stake. He has no one but himself to blame, he took his own life with his hand without knowing it. No one dies and comes back to make amends, otherwise he would have desired to come back to life to correct his mistakes. It is too late now, let the living take note.

  2. Too sad to hear that may his soul rest in peace.may God give the family,friends and welwishers to bear the lost.RIP MUNACHIMSO

  3. Too sad to hear that may his soul rest in peace.may God give the family,friends and welwishers strength to bear the lost.RIP MUNACHIMSO

  4. Lord teach us to number our days and apply our hearts to wisdom.
    May God console his wife and kids; his family and the entire Nollywood. RIP

  5. Muna should have asked for alms from atleast his colleagues knowing fully well that life has no deplicate. But all the same,may his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. Death is surely inevitable. We will all certainly face it some day.

  6. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace. I Pray God should grant his family a garment of support form each corner of the world, they will never lack in JNM.

  7. In dis life one should always know when to STOP! If had put a little stop to his pride, maybe he would have reached out to friends, colleagues & well wishers to raise d needed money, like OJB Jezreel did.

  8. Too sad to hear. kidney disease should not be a secret because it is hard to manage he was very good at acting he should have allow people to help him by calling for help and forget about what people’s will say and save his own life. Anyway that’s is destine may his soul RIP

  9. Such is life,I wish him a joyful activities in d beyound.but candid advice 2 we young pple,irrespective of d fact dat sometin must surely kill a man,we should also be careful about our lifestyle,especially on drinks and smoking

  10. I think he had a honorable death not seeking help.

    Have you been out of work. If you’ve been out of work your coleagues will bombard you with simpathy calls within the first week, a few calls second week. Third week you hardly get any call and by the third week you 100% OYO.if you try to reach out to them you hear all the stories in the world. You find out you have nobody except your wife and children.

    All the glamours gone

    So please don’t blame the dead

  11. U dnt judge someone that is already late I dnt call that a mistake god knows why it happened this way we only pray for his soul to rest in perfect peace amen go well we all love u I believe god luv u most


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