Toyin Aimakhu Reveals Why She Doesn’t Flaunt Her Wealth On Social Media


Ok, this is new. I mean at least for a celebrity of her status.

Popular Yoruba actress Toyin Aimakhu has revealed in a new interview with TW magazine that she doesn’t flaunt her wealth on social media and why she can’t buy expensive shoes.

Toyin said “You see, my parents have always told me never to blow my own trumpet. Besides, a lot of celebrities are not being truthful about their lifestyles. I live a very normal life and I am comfortable. I am never one to tell even if I have. Personally, I just don’t see why I should go out to purchase a pair of shoes worth $3,500. I mean, those shoes better take me to heaven! And I’m being honest about it. I simply have the best husband in the world that supports me. We have a car too. We are fine, and that’s all that matters.”

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