Troops Foil Boko Haram’s Attempt To ‘Occupy’ Damaturu •IEDs, RPGs Captured From Insurgents

Nigerian TroopsGallant Nigerian troops have once again foiled an attempt by Boko Haram to seize Damaturu, the Yobe State capital, the Defence Headquarters has said.

An update on the Defence Headquarters’ website on Saturday, however, stated that five soldiers were seriously wounded in the operation to protect Damaturu from the insurgents’ invasion.

According to the DHQ, “Troops are on mopping up operation around Damaturu after successfully foiling and containing the terrorists attempt to occupy parts of the town. The terrorists had launched massive attack from different directions of the town on Friday evening, but troops were promptly mobilized to repel the attack that lasted the night resulting in heavy casualty on the terrorists before the rest of them retreated. Weapons including IEDs and Rocket Propelled Grenades captured from the terrorists are being compiled while their dead as well as civilian casualties are yet to be determined.

“Pursuit of the fleeing terrorists is also ongoing while the 5 soldiers who were seriously wounded in the attack are being treated in the military medical facility. Although normalcy has been restored, the town is also being reinforced with more troops”.