Watch Pastor Adeboye Endorse Prof. Osinbajo In President Jonathan’s Presence

Coincidence or not, General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pastor Adeboye had big and encouraging words to say about APC’s VP candidate, Prof. Osinbajo during a church service last year February.


Adeboye visited the RCCG Olive Tree parish in Lagos for the first time since Osinbajo became the head of the parish.

He said he hasn’t visited because he had taken his friend, Osinbajo for granted because of the trust he has in him to get things done.

You know usually with your friends, you take them for granted. You want to rush to where there might be trouble spots. But when you know that there’s no problem here, you tend to forget. But once in a while, you need to know that your friend needs fellowship.

Some of you might be thinking, maybe he didn’t come because he doesn’t like the new man. I didn’t come because I trust him, because he’s a wonderful child of God. Very wonderful child of God. Absolutely reliable. He’s one of the few Christians, one of the few sons I have that if you give him an assignment, you can go to sleep. By the time you wake up, it will be done.”

APC fans dug out the video and it is currently trending on the internet

President Jonathan was at the church service last year.

Watch the footage below


  1. Why so much notice he is not the Presidential Candidate, but the VP and Pastor Tunde has been in the same position before and failed flat….the point is the real candidates is old he can’t even present himself for debate. And what do U expect Pastor Adeboye to say. It’s a choice that the Prof made and he will have to serve that choice.

  2. This man called buhari and his handlers are so daft and lack every atom of mental sanity. For God sake how can u package a 73yrs old man to lead the affairs of a nation that is just about 55year in this 21century? Jesse….! Which sane country does that? let assume we ll vote for an opposition party,ll it be someone who can not remember the exact place he went to secondary school? Should It be someone who fidget when it comes to open debate? Someone who killed many of our youth? A man who imprisoned our fathers and mothers? A man who openly decleared That his foot soldiers BOKO HARAM are fighting for their right?My God..!! What do these people take us for? Do they think we are fools? And they even went as far as changing his walldrop: he as in Posession many traditional atires, even the Ones from native doctors…lol… Like the saying goes “U can not teach an old dog a new tricks neither can a leopard shed it spots overnnight.” #VoteGEJ

    • Your comment is rather ridiculous and senseless…..the whole nation is seeking and agitating for a different governance from another party or platform that can bring change and better life than what the current government has offered since last 6 yrs. I expected u to address economic and environmental issues of the nation, instead u attack Buhari’s personalty and past. Cast ur stone on him if you regard yourself a perfect person without a sin. Lets be realistic, what benefit have u gained from this current government?? Would u rather allow ur child to be among the Chibkgirls or allow $Millions meant for u and i stolen without trace or prosecution. MUST U STEAL PUBLIC FUND FOR YOUR SELFISH INTEREST?? Age is just a number, what Buhari can offer us is what matters. America is what they are today because she is not a one party country. Grow up!!

    • I swear u are nothing but a daft, just look at urself and what does age has to do with common sense to rule and lead? Are u trying to say there is no leader anywhere in the world that has ruled or that is still ruling within that age bracket that is performing wonderfully well in their country? Please next time you want to post something on public forum like, use ur sense, sometimes, silence is always golden rather than portraying urself as a dumbass.

  3. What they are presenting to us in their advert has prostrate them as bunch of marauder who have nothing to offer Nigeria populace but to return the country to business as usual and get Nigeria back to expire lane because majority of them are expire member from PDP

  4. My fellow pple, how can u bring to the public, an event dated by feb 2014, when the person in question has no view of becoming d vp of the nation. He choose he path and the Good Lord should guide him through. Because the same thing that happen to Bakare is about to happen again. Best of luck…….

  5. Buhari should come for a debate first and tell nigerians how he intend to rule them and stop all this media noise. Elections are not won on the media… The old man won still dodge debate self and him want make we vote him.

  6. For those that has wisdom, this video is just a confirmation of a prophesy. He (Osinbanjo) was predestinated to become Nigeria VP and is unknown to GO and His wife. They noticed greatest but couldn’t interpret it. God has answer Nigeria’s Prayers. God will help them to win and support them in power in Jesus name Amen! They will always do the Will of God alone and not their own Will in Jesus name Amen!

  7. if one gains from ebele’s administration, he’s a saint. we dont rate over all goodness, we rate selfish interest.
    those benefiting in incumbent have every sarcastic word to say not minding that the person in question is older than them.
    so much for nigerian education which has crowded common sense.