Why Buhari’s Wife May Not Vote For Him

Mrs Aisha Buhari
Mrs Aisha Buhari

A former Gubernatorial candidate of the Action Congress in Ebonyi state, Chief(Dr.) Obasi Akpa Obasi says he thinks the wife of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari will not vote for her husband. This he says is because of how the former head of state sees women.

Obasi, whose position was published on Vanguard’s Viewpoint section noted that “President Jonathan has been campaigning and everybody sees his wife by his side. If I may ask, where was Mrs. Buhari until recently presented for political purposes?” he asked.

“Is she wrapped up in seclusion somewhere? Does her complete isolation from the public personae and campaigns of her husband not indicate that he still does not think that women have a role to play in government even if if is ceremonial?”

Obasi dismissed sentiments that it is “unislamic to honour your wife with a visible place by your side,” citing Indonesia who elected a woman to head their government in the person of Megawati Sukarnoputri, and Pakistan, who elected the late Benazir Bhutto.

“I deliberately cited Indonesia and Pakistan because they are the largest and second largest Muslim nations in the world with deep Islamic traditions that date back to centuries. If these nations can entrust women with political power at the highest levels, why should Buhari tend to put women in the background?”

“I dare say that it has not escaped the attention of Mrs. Buhari that President Goodluck Jonathan has appointed more women into his cabinet and into other high positions than any other government before his.

“Again, I suspect that Mrs. Buhari is not unaware of the respect and recognition which the President accords his wife, Dame Patience Jonathan.

“Seeing how a secure man treats his wife and seeing how she has been relegated not just to the background, but to obscurity, I have a strong feeling that Mrs. Buhari will not vote for her husband,” Obasi said.

The former governorship aspirant based his assertions on Buhari’s antecedents. According to him, the APC presidential candidate had an all male cabinet when he was head of state, despite having good examples of women who were changing their societies such as Margaret Thatcher of The United Kingdom and the phenomenal Indira Gandhi of India. He stressed that all the ministers and advisers, Military Governors and the ambassadors Buhari appointed were men.

“And to rub salt to injury, Buhari is promising to close down the office of the First Lady if he is elected! In the year 2015! Are we moving forward or backward?” he asked.


  1. The woman is beatiful better than the one there now. All my household will vote for her husband, so that the whole world the beatiy of naija. The last time Dame Patience Jonathan came to new york, there was complained about her weight

  2. This discussion and conclusion by a presidential candidate (Obasi) doesn’t make any utter sense. How he came to this conclusion is beyond me. Am not only surprised but entirely disgusted in his visibly lack of reasoning and logic to want to manipulate our common sense.

  3. This mr obasi is a very stupid person if this allegation is meant to help jonathans campaign. first of all the reasons he gave are very childish I don’t understand how someone who wants a position as big as a governatorial seat be creating flimsy excuses like this saying that during buahris times he didn’t have any woman in his cabinet …..and obviously he couldn’t because the people at the warfront during his time were men not women so what business does a woman have at his cabinet when the men who worked the whole of their life to get there were struggling and dieing and right now jonathans wife is still the most overemployed person in nigeria like first lady my foot that post is just meant to exploit people bcus there are better ways a first lady can be helpful without neccesarily having a office

  4. Its a pity mr Obasi is really a old man that has lost both his memory and focuss is Indonesia & Pakistan d laegest muslim country in d world? What does a man frm Eboyin knows about Musil Docrine its better u keep quite bcos u ar no in existence (Not Relivant again)

  5. No wonder this Obesity Akpa was a candidate and not a former governor.He can never be. IS First Lady issue a Nigeria problem? We need meaningful and reasonable campaign talks. Tell us what your Party have for Nigerians. Not individuals personal life styles. Thank you.

  6. Its a pity d kind of leaders naija have. These are d kind leaders we put in d admin of naija,ah!. Its a simple arithmetic: dats y naija keeps going backward instead of forward but my people, CHANGE dat is inevitable is here. Its just a few days my fellow nigerians,let’s show d clueless & d shoeless d RED card out of aso rock. CHANGE is here.

  7. APC has been consistent in saying dat PDP has ruled Nigeria for 16 disastrous years in which corruption, impunity, insurgency, armed robbery and several ill society held sway.
    But at a very close luk at APC, I am seeing
    1. Rotimi Amaechi – 8years speaker, 7years Governor under PDP
    2. Atiku Abubakar – 8years Vice president under PDP
    3. George Akume – 8years Governor under PDP
    4. Bukola saraki – 8years Governor, 2years Senator under PDP
    5. Timipre Sylver – 4years Governor under PDP
    6. Audu Ogbe – 2years Chairmanship under PDP
    7. Aminu Masari – 4years speaker, house of Rep under PDP
    8. Chris Ngige – 3years Governor under PDP
    9. Rabiu Kwankwaso – 7years Governor, 3years Defense Minister under PDP
    10. El Rufai – 4years FCT Minister, 2years BPE chairman under PDP
    11. And to cap it all, Obasanjo is d Navigator of APC, a man who spent 8years of d disastrous 16years as d maximum ruler of Nigeria.
    It is now clearer dat APC is a waste basket of PDP, wia d people who created n perpetuated d 16disastrous years are now dumped, so wia is d CHANGE comim 4rm?
    Are they now saints cos d joined APC? Pls, b wise n Vote not 4 those seekin power by FORCE… ASSOCIATION OF PAST CRIMINALS (APC)

    • My brother U have actually written my mind. Buhari has contested for Presidency under APP (two times), CPC political parties, and failed in all. All the gold diggers mentioned above had held one position or the other under PDP and they did not know the meaning of CHANGE then. Now that they are in APC, they are clamoring for Change. Those Gold diggers are they calling to change the political party that brought them to lime-light or to change the people.Nearly 90% members of APC are deflections from PDP. Old wine in new goat skin. You can not deceive us because you are now in another political party called APC. You are the same set of people who deceived and created problems before, You have come again under another political party APC. No way for You come 14/2/2015. GEJ MUST MOVE ON till 2019, PERIOD.

    • my dear, u re so right. they may change to anoder party, but can d change themselves and what they did in those years. and then they put d word CHANGE on their lips. CHANGE my foot. change is not enforced, it is voluntarily done by one from one’s inside to d outside. those association of past criminals shuld go back and change themselves bfore enforcing d so-called change on our dear country. Jonathan is leading in my area here, in zaria

  8. Somebody need to tell Nigerians that the office of First Lady is not in the 1999 Constitution as amended. Every kobo of tax payers’ money spent for that office is illegal. To cover up they channel their expenditure through the Ministry of Women Affairs. Others camouflage as NGO. It is happening at Federal, State and Local Government levels. That office is a drain pipe. The Ministry of Women Affairs can conveniently perform their duties. If Buhari has promised to scrap that office, he should be encouraged. He must be a man of courage. We need a President that thinks. If we continue to do things the same way, We will continue to get old results. We must experiment CHANGE. They came with certificate issue because they are afraid.

    • Plato,cry out that until a philosopher king rule the society will experience it well structure. Buhari can thing in the angle that will profit all souls in Nigeria. He belong to a class of lion act,because as a leader your act must be very strong like lion but not goat.He must not preserve what the law of the land don’t create.can the first lady contribute to the way how to restructure the country without office?. this is not a way to honour a first lady in a society with many problems by creating office for a first lady according to 1999 constitution of Nigeria.The first lady will just set down and enjoying the money will be pumping in to her office illegally,Presido is creating problem upon problems.pls we need a wisdom leader who can critically think and examine about what must be implemented and not.we need accountable ,…truthful leaders,any society that lacked of truthful leader that society can not prospers.Nigeria can only be call a sufficient place in the world if our leaders are truthfully to us.

  9. What did you expect from an illiterate like buhari? Maybe the wife is a tack illiterate too…
    No wonder he keeps on failing & he will continue to fail till his end comes.
    People with primary / secondary school certificate are cleaners/ messengers or something in Nigeria’s establishment but his own with the fake secondary school certificate he wants to rule Nigeria by fire

  10. I appreciated what Fatai z and I believe that all got one excuse, complaints, reasons or the other to air their views. But I’ll tell you that “You are not aware that more than 1m pple use this platform and many of this comments are tainting us in the world market”. I will say that for us not to perjure and exterminate our own political mothers and fathers, pple should hold their baseless comments sine die – indefinitely.


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