Why Muna Obiekwe Kept His Illness Secret – Tonto Dikeh

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Nollywood is in great mourning!


The sudden death of actor, Muna Obiekwe at age 38 shocked fans, Nollywood actors and actresses. The outpouring of grief was immediate, with one common refrain: Nollywood had lost one of its greatest actor.

Stars, from musicians to television personalities, business men and women, expressed their sadness at the news, praised the actor’s unmatched talent and passed on their wishes to his bereaved family.

Others voiced their shock at how the actor passed away at such a young age:

John Dumelo: Words can’t explain how I’m feeling at this point. You were a great actor. When we worked together 4years ago in lagos, U played your role so well and professionally I was hoping we would work again together soon. God knows best. Rest in peace Muna. #rip

Jim Iyke: Candle in the wind… Adieu Bro. Find rest on God’s bosom. Words fail me.

Genevieve Nnaji: My heart goes out to Muna’s family and loved ones. He was a gifted actor with a good heart. Rest in Peace Muna Obiekewe. You will be missed.

Ini Edo: Oh Lord I am heartbroken to say the least. I know we ain’t suppose to question God, I just can’t help dis one ….. His little kids and young wife…where do they go from here? RIP Muna Obiekwe, you were a good happy jolly good fellow. Worked with you on several projects and I sincerely can’t remember you having issues with anyone. You will be missed. I can’t still believe this.

Popular actress, Tonto Dikeh who shared a close relationship with the actor is clearly devasted by the tragic news.

In a heart breaking tribute, the 29-year old actress expressed her grief and disappointment over the actor’s sudden demise.

She wrote:

Just sitting here gazing at a picture of a boy I know but now gone because of an illness that would have been managed. The thought of his lifeless body brings me so much pain and sadness and it is not because I was close to him nor that I cared so much about him but just a mere reflection of how wicked the world is, the extent we go just to hide our pain to avoid being a laughing stock, Gossip item, abused, bullied on social medias and even betrayed by some trusted friends & even our so called Families*

Oh yes that is the awful world we live in, We develop thick skin because we re betrayed almost everyday by people we love and trust so now we try to go through the difficult and trying times alone without sharing with anyone or letting them know what we’re going through. Be a Neighbor and a friend that really cares, try and be trustworthy in this wicked and heartless world. I know that there are some good people out there, where re they? We all can’t be evil na, let’s show others hope, love and reason to live again, a tree can’t make a forest, we need each other in one way or the other.
HE WAS A SHINING STAR AND THUS YOU WILL THINK HE WILL HAVE TRUE FRIENDS OR A TRUE FRIEND TO LEAN ON AT DIFFICULT TIMES. It’s quite sad that I can’t trust anyone with my pain and anytime I wake up I think about death, I think about the freedom and peace that comes when i am gone from the world of hate, betrayal, deceit, Greed, Jealous, anger, Revenge.. I can only wish there is life after death, life that will be void of bad things we have experienced in this current life….May the soul of Muna and the souls we have lost so far Rest in perfect peace.. Amen

So sad!

We extend our deepest condolences to his family, friends, fans and all who have been touched by him through his acting or any other way!

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  1. Tonto,that was indeed a masterpiece from a truly grieving heart. A sad reminder of the hopelessness of the world we live in. May his gentle soul rest in perfect peace.

  2. Rest in peace Muna so painful dat u gone so soon… What a wicked world we live in. Nice one guys, like we Yoruba saying; ani ri iru e mo o.

    • Rest In Peace Muna, You Were A Great Actor And A Hero At Death! The Word Is Indeed A Place Where None Actually Truly Cares, Nice Words Tonto.

  3. Am as speechless as others Muna we d viewers missed so much, when ever I watch Tonto I will always remember u and I kw among all she missed u more may ur gentle soul rest in perfect peace we love u but God love u more it a home for all we shall all go there some day RIP Handsome Muna

  4. A word of caution to our actors/actresses. Please leave acting for the movies and be real in the real world. Kidney failure/disease is one ailement that can be manage with early diagnosis. I cannot say Muna’s death could have been avoided but with I read on social media and newspapers you guys are not watching each others back and that is why jealousy, strife, naming calling is not uncommon. It really hurts that Muna could not find anyone to say ” o boy/girl dis na my siuation, I need help. We (Nigerians) are generous people assistance could have been rendered. Muna may you find rest in the bosom of our Lord and to Muna’s family please accept my heartfelt condolence.

  5. Nollywood that can’t help their colleague, I hate all of u……. God punish all of u making comment here. U guys re buying big cars while ur colleagues are dying

  6. May his soul rest in perfect peace,Muna u’ll be missed. Ur last movie I watched made me appreciate your person the more though acting but you are a nice guy. Let’s not blame our actors and actresses. It’s normal even in our society,families and world that many die in the midst of plenty and suffer while help is. But, let’s still learn to look out for others, help someone even if we are not asked for it,show more love and put smiles on people’s faces as we give them reason and hope to live on.

  7. Muna  will miss and continue to miss Y̶̲̥̅̊o̶̲̥̅̊и̣̣̣̣̥ Hummmmmmmmmmmmm Life is funny ,Human can kill body but can’t kill soul,let’s fear d person dat kill body and soul …MUNA BYE,GUD NIGHT DEAR BRO

  8. Muna may your gentle soul rest in peace with lord.

    To be honest,this is a mess in nollywood and u guys

    really need to adjust and watch each others back

    because this situation can be manage.

    will not die but atleast will go a long way.

  9. Rest in Peace Muna. Although I never met u,I loved the way u handle ur roles- cool and natural. And to all nollywood stars,I guess its time you show luv by caring for one another. Don’t forget u are all one big family doing what u do best.

  10. How I wish Muna is still alive, his jst a good actor, death hw cruel ar u, Muna!!! Continue 2rest in peace..ur death is jst a shock 2me

  11. Am so sad but with hope in Jehovah’s promise of
    resurrection at John chapter 5 verses 28 & 29, Acts of apostles chapter 24 verse 15 am convinced that I will see him again when no body will say am sick. that is when Jehovah will answer our prayer (the Lord’s prayer)

  12. Muna may God grant you entrance into His Kingdom; Console your family. I wish it was only a rumour. You are a promising young man. Rest in peace.

  13. Tonto dike, you claimed you were close to him, that shows you knew of the illness abi? Then why didn’t you help him? Or at most loan him N5m to pay his hospital Bill for a year……you’re ever seeking for 5 mins fame….why are you pointing fingers at others…..stop this sentimental game and take a look at yourself and make the change you desire to see in others.

  14. I once met u Muna during ur life time in. ESUT, Enugu while shooting the film “The Boy is Mine” with. Emeka Ike, Genevieve Nnaji, Lilian Bach and others and I never knew u was going to leave the world so soon. RIP bros!

  15. to Nollywood artists, its a pity that the only thing do there is to show off, eat and drink, quarrel each other only because of money and fame. you guys should know that vanity upon vanity all those are vanity. like Muna now all his struggles are all gone with the winds so you people should wake up and work and live as a team and family like other organizations do. You can quarrel but forgive and move on together. Who knows the next person. Who knows tomorrow?

  16. Some people don’t help because they said to their self ” i don’t need any body’s help” you don’t help because you want to be helped. But you help to be rewarded by the Almighty God. Remember Bible says “whatever you do for any of the least person among you, its the son of God that you did it for”let’s help our neighbours, for this sinful world will soon pass away with everything in it..Muna we miss you, may your soul rest in peace..Nollywood please love each other for this is the greatest commandment. may you not experience this sadden & untimely death in Nollywood again in Jesus name…


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