Woman Commits Suicide After Son Caught Her In Bed With Co-Worker


A woman from Ozoro, Isoko North Local Government Area, Delta State, reportedly took her own life after her 5-year-old son caught her having sex with one of her co-worker in her matrimonial home at Abuja. GistNaija has more:

According to the husband of the deceased, his wife was a very cute lady and that attracted men to her. The woman used to show him some men that wanted to be her friends because of her beauty.

Their son also reported so many cases of the woman going home with different men to him but he never bothered to ask her about their son’s report because the lady was very decent before they got married, that made him to trust her so much. The husband said he was amazed when he came home yesterday and his son told him that he saw his mother and uncle( the woman’s co-worker) on the bed half n@ k€d. He thought the boy was not serious but he got to believe when he saw how his wife was behaving.

She refused to talk to him, she even insisted on sleeping in visitor’s room instead of their normal room. He said he was about to go to work in the morning today, he called the woman to tell her he was ready to go to work, there was no response, he called her line, the phone was ringing but she was not picking. When he went to the window to tell her, he saw her hanging, she was already dead. Her remains will be taken to Ozoro tomorrow.


  1. Athough suicide is free..an act of the ‘thin n null minds n brains’ there has never been time and there would never come a time some one will be punished just bcos a person commited suicide around him or her..D most shameful n painful death one can imagine.

  2. Double punishment for her for committing adultery and taking her own life. This is the reward of infidelity and adultery. She should have asked for forgiveness and maybe the husband would have forgiven her.