Zahra Buhari Back On Twitter, Attacks PDP And Disses Patience Jonathan


Just days ago, the news was that General Buhari‘s daughter, Zahra’s Twitter account was somehow closed down by her, due to the thousands of tweets criticizing her and her dad.

Apparently, that same Twitter account has somehow resurrected and appeared back on Twitter, with a different handle, @Zahra_Buhari.

In the new twitter account, she accuses PDP of hacking into her Twitter account, makes reference to the First Lady’s infamous “There is God ooo” speech, and more.

See her tweets below: –

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  • um if i were you@zahara i would go lock my self in a wardrope. because if our first lady cant speak a good english is non of your business. at least she has a certificate and your dad dont. not even an ssce. hahahaha

  • U and ur father av nothing 2 offer, u should go find somthin doing, insead of foolin ur selves dat u are agent of change. All we want is the true change. When ur father was the head of state he did nothin, and do u know? It’s bcos he had a sick brain like yours.

  • Let us stop being partisan,what is the extent of having a certificate bt u are unable to write,read or speak good english. People like that are uncountable in Nigeria government that is why our great nation is still backward. Mind u, what worth doing,what doing well.

  • No be ya fault! You should begin to get ready to join ya papa for another round of crying jamboree. He cried in 2011- now you will join him cry in 2015! Its just a few weeks away.

  • Zahra, don’t mind them, they should all be ashamed that my own sister claimed a certificate she can’t defend even in public rather they are busy finding certificate for a General in d Army how has not only led the country but serve in various capacity. Shame on u all that said First lady certificate isn’t questiinable!. Enough of “stealing isn’t corruption” we want change. My sister u beta come back home n let ppl of credible character rule.

  • BUHARIANS?? Is dat a new terrorist group??? Dat was how BOKO started and buhari knows evrything abt it. As 4 her daughters utterances,its a mark of arrogance just like her father. They have violent bloodline

  • What has certificate got to do with criticising Zahra, Buhari met all d requirement before the stipulated deadline, it is insecurity dat’s disturbg Gej n pdp that was why they have been using, any opportunity to spite Buhari’s prestige. if Zahra made a mistake due to typographical error or pdp hackd hr acct. WHY condemning her. She entitled to her opinion n her fundamental rights to freedom of speech. The truth is, we need no soothsayer to tell us the glarg state of political instability, insurgency , insecurity, corruption, degrading state of the economy in this system of ours ! whether we like it or not, we’r all affected irrespective of our tribe, state , religion. Vote change. Febuharisinbanjo

  • dis gurl is slping I knw she doesn’t Ave gud home bring up can a can a cow giv birth to a ship d qns is no, tel ur dad to show his cert nd stp wasting tym on press am so ashame dat a presidential candidate uptil nw after all d acusation still canot show his result nig canot b govern by an illitrate gone ar dose days. nd as for u zara or wateva u ar called can u av an illitrate as a teacher or ambassador or chng? hmmmmmm u nd ur dumb he head fada have failed us advise him to prove he is educated by showing his cert is it dat diff.

  • ***It’s not a certicate neither is it certificate that defines a good man. Jonathan said during one his speech that “stealing is not corruption”. Is there any difference in that? Am not in support of neither APC nor PDP,,,but President Jonathan has totally lost it(Failed) and his doing all he could(even to the point of threatening people’s Life) to stay in power. A man that is ready to serve his nation will not be going around campaigning about other people and insulting them but rather should let known to all Nigerians his plans for Nigeria to take it to the next level(even if he doesn’t have any plans in mind really). We need a good and better change in this country but am not saying it’s Buhari/Osinbajo that will make the change happen,,,but the Man that has being in power for some years has done nothing but rather add to the problems of this great Nation. But I pray God’s will will be done***

  • U pple shld jst stop dis nonsense nd b sincere, din’t bro Jona promise to come nly fr 1 teno afta completing Late yaradua’s post? He said it himself dt if he cannot do nytin widin 4yrs of reign he wud nva do nytin in 100yrs yet wid all dis promises he failed nd nw hez begging fr nly 6month to prove himself to Nigerians…. Nigerians ar nt foolz we nid CHANGE nt promise nd fail. Luk at aunty patience hu speaks English like market women, no ethics fr English language nd later dey wil start seizing student result(waec) fr mass failure nd yet our female leader knows ntn abt shool. No b 2 use mony buy certificate be educations! D honest truth is dt Jonathan has failed Nigerians nd some prominent leaders who wud have help him rule again.presidential sit is 8yrz nd he has oredy spent 6yrs, wt is he coming to do widin 2yrs wen he did nt do nytin in 4yrz pls jst go we ar nt ready to lose mre Nigerians hu ar meant to b leaders of our grt nations. Oga Jona abeg pull over!

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