Angry Boyfriend Plots To Cut Off Girlfriend’s Ears So That No Man Would Want Her


An angry boyfriend was arrested on charges of attempted murder after allegedly plotting to use chemicals to remove his girlfriend’s ears, police in China said. Worldwideweirdnews reports:

Zhengzhou Police said that they arrested the 25-year-old student identified as Zhang, after being accused of hiring a thug to assault his former girlfriend. He ordered the man to cut off the ears of his girlfriend so that no man would want to marry her.

Zhang, an engineering student, was arrested after Wang Wei told police that he hired him to assault the woman identified as Lulu. According to the police investigation, Zhang hired Wei to cut off the ears of his girlfriend in exchange for 50,000 RMB ($8,000).

Zhang bought several chemicals and instructed Wei how to use them to attack his girlfriend. Wei was also arrested on charges of attempted murder. Police said that the attack wasn’t successful.

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