Any Attempt To Sack Jega Is A “Recipe For Disaster” – Northern Elders

NEFThe Northern Elders Forum, NEF, has warned the Presidency to jettison any plot to sack Chairman of the Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC, Prof. Attahiru Jega ahead of the general elections, saying such move will be a “recipe for disaster”.

Speculations were rife on Thursday that the Presidency was contemplating removing the INEC boss before the March 28 and April 11 dates for elections, despite assurances by President Goodluck Jonathan about two weeks ago during a media chat that he had not informed anyone of plans to sack Jega.

In reaction to the speculation, the spokesperson for the group, Prof. Ango Abdullahi, said “any attempt at this last minute by this government or its agency to remove Jega is a clear message that this govern­ment is determined to rig an election in which they see Jega as an impediment simply because he thinks that the commission must follow the rules for a free and fair and credible elec­tion”.

Sacking “Jega at this material time will be a recipe for disaster”, the NEF spokesperson warned at a press conference Friday.

He said the excuse given for postponement of the general elections, earlier scheduled for February 14 and 28, was “flimsy, clumsy and indefensible”.

Speaking against background of security concern cited for the poll shift, Abdullahi said, “the NEF viewed it as unacceptable because only a small frac­tion of the security per­sonnel in the country are directly engaged in the battle against insurgency within the north east en­clave of the country.

“We also know that even in countries such as Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and more recently Afghanistan where full scale wars were still rag­ing when they decided that election could still be held and indeed were held”.

Stating further, he accused the “the ruling elite” of plot to scuttle the elections and ‎ultimately Nigeria’s democracy.

Meanwhile, the Federal Government yesterday said Mr. Jega’s exit will follow a “natural course”, amid allegation by All Progressives Congress (APC) Senators that a letter from the Office of Head of Service, requesting the INEC boss to proceed on compulsory pre-retirement leave, has been prepared and to be served any time from next week.


  1. my northern elders have spoken well but they are missing something, the President has 100% constitutional powers to send Jega on 3 months compulsory retirement leave,no sentiments nor apologies,heavens will not fail if he does it. The choice is his solely (veto power).

  2. Jega should go and if d government fires him noting will happen bcos he wants to favor d APC whos d presidential candidate is from d north

    • Greg,Jega,must not go till he conducts and defend the results of the upcoming general elections or is it better he favours PDP and GEJ,God forbid,’cos,we seriously need a change in Nigeria.Sai BUHARI.

  3. Am always disgusted by d way d hausas reason. Who are they 2 tell d president how 2 do his work?? Were they d one who employed jega?? If gej sees jega as been bias maybe bcos of their northern/islamic agenda,he should sack him without further delayyy. Northern elders my foot,who are they threatening??

  4. IMAGINe! this is directed at the Presido & COMMANDER IN CHIEF. i bet u if it were my northern guys no 1 would talk. 2ndly, THE LIST OF NAMES OF JEGA’S SUPOSSED SUCESSORS ARE THE SAME AS JEGA HIMSELF, THER4 MR PRSSIDO MUST BE VIGILANT & WISE IN DICISSION. DON’T ALLOW ANYBODY ADVICE YOU COS MOST OF YOUR advisers wants you 2 loose. w


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