Battle For Customers: Dentist Caught Burning Down His Competitors’ Clinics


A dentist who wanted to be exclusive in his neighborhood, have been caught burning down his competitors’ clinics, police in California have said. WorldWideWeirdNews has reported:

Ventura County Police said that they arrested 63-year-old Leopold Weinstein on Friday, after being accused of setting fire to the offices of rival dental practices.

According to the police investigation, the suspicious fires began about six months ago. In one incident, flammable liquids were discovered on the roof of a dental office in Camarillo.

Two weeks later, another dental office in Camarillo, was set on fire, but it sustained just minimal damage. Weinstein became a suspect when his vehicle was seen at an unusual time of day near one of the specific dental practices that was targeted.  His vehicle matched the description of a vehicle involved in other fires at dental offices.

During the final incident, surveillance video captured Weinstein setting fire to the dental office where flammable liquids were found 6 months ago.


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