Buhari Must Explain How N2bn Missed Under His Watch As Petroleum Minister – Plateau Commissioner

Muhammadu-Buhari-360x2251The Commissioner for Information and Communication, Plateau State, Honourable Muhammad Abubakar Badu, has dismissed the anti-corruption claims of the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, General Muhammadu Buhari (retd.) and asked him to explain how N2 billion disappeared from the Petroleum Ministry when he was in charge.

The commissioner stated this during a brief ceremony to mark the conferment of the honour of Ethics Ambassador on him by the Centre for Ethics and Self Value Orientation, in his office.

Muhammad said “war against corruption or anti-corruption crusade must be holistic”.

According to the commissioner, Buhari’s claims and pronouncements about fighting corruption was a sheer pretence and electioneering gallery show”.

Badu recalled that a whopping sum of N2 billion disappeared under Buhari’s watch, and was traced to an aircraft arrested by the government of dictator Idi Amin in Uganda.

“At that time, the naira was stronger than the American dollar, and that translates to robbing Nigeria of vital development projects, especially as that government failed to account for the money up to this day.

“For discerning people to believe and subscribe to his anti-corruption war cry, Buhari should explain to the world how the money disappeared from the ministry’s coffers, and the diplomacy that resolved the controversy over the arrest of the aircraft carrying the cash in a Uganda airport”, he said.



    N2.8 billion of Nigeria’s oil money was fraudulently withdrawn from the NNPC account in London midland bank and transferred to the London branch of the now defunct BBCI (bank of credit and commerce international) by Buhari.

    Is this the kind of change APC and Buhari want to bring to Nigerians? Arise and bluntly reject APC, vote for transformation you can see, feel, touch and confirm.


  2. Beer parlour talk. The money was never missing. The facts are There, in fact tai solarin was arrested for peddling the rumour which he later claimed he heard in a Beer parlour. GMB is not a kleptomaniac like GEJ. The facts are There. Moreover as petroleum minister, with a smaller budget, This man built 2 refineries and pipelines. Our roguish president and oil minister, rather dash our money to cronies under guise of subsidy, building no refineries but buying jets for themselves.