Buhari May Be Disqualified On March 19


The presidential candidate from the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC) General Muhammadu Buhari, may be banned from contesting in the forthcoming presidential poll.

According to Vanguard, the Abuja Division of the Federal High Court, yesterday, fixed March 19 to commence hearing on seven separate suits.

However, both Buhari and his party, who are respondents in the matter together with the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) maintained that they would not agree to take the service of the court procedures which they said were not authentically served on them.

They dared the propriety of orders of Justice Adeniyi which had allowable the accusers to serve the originating summons on them through replaced incomes.

Justice Adeniyi had on February 2, directed that the court processes be served on the defendants by publishing same in three national dailies.

The court also granted an order of synopsis of time within which the defendants must respond to the suits.

Though, both Buhari and his party contended that there was no urgency in the matter to permit the court to hear the suits in urgency.

Thus, in separate preliminary objections filed by counsel to Buhari, Chief Wole Olanipekun, SAN, and that of the APC, Prince Lateef Fagbemi, SAN, they called on the court to set-aside all the instructions it has made in the matter so far.

They further opposed that the subject matter of the suit bothers on pre-election issues which they said is not time bound, adding that it can be determined even after the March 28 presidential poll.

But, Chief Mike Ozehkome, SAN, who represented the accusers yesterday, advised the court to advance hearing on the matter so as to determine Buhari’s fate before the presidential election.

His proposal enraged Buhari’s lawyer, Olanipekun, SAN, who contended that the suit challenging the certificate his client submitted to the INEC, has nothing to do with the election itself.

My lord what he is saying is that this case must end before this election. It is a wrong impression. This case has nothing to do with the conduct of the election. What if the presidential election was held on February 14?”, Olanipekun queried.

Similarly, INEC through its lawyer Mr. Hassan Liman, SAN, yesterday, said it would file a initial objection to challenge both the capability of the suits which were filed by the two plaintiffs, Mr. Chukwunweike Okafor and Mr. Max Ozoaka, as well as the jurisdiction of the court to entertain them.

It should be noted that the Abuja Division of the Court of Appeal reserved its judgment concerning the President Goodluck Jonathan’s eligibility to contest presidential election in March.

President Jonathan is key opponent of the opposition candidate General Buhari in coming poll.

Source: Talkofnaija


  1. Here comes the newly refurbished Buhari. Though refurbished, you can still vividly see the cracks of over used engine in him. I think Buhari coming out again to contest for the president of Nigeria for the fifth time is just to enable him enter guiness book of record as the longest presidential contestant in the world and nothing else. But I’m sorry for him because someone had already reached that record, he should only pray to be healthy to contest in another four years time to be able to enter that record…I’m wishing him good luck on this.

  2. What’s wrong with these ibo people self. The other time, Chukwumerije was used to scuttle Abiola’s mandate. This time around,Ibo men are on the pipeline again to scuttle Buhari’s ambition. Haba!una no de shame?

  3. For the sake of peace, this joke must stop! What happened 2003, 2007 n 2011. Don’t stay in Abuja n begin to take decision that wl scatter other parts of d country because of some personal interest! This attempt is injurious, hazardous n destructive. Wise up!

  4. Why they no disqualify Fayose before Ekiti election? Let them try it and they will see that Nigerians are not fool. We reject PDP and Jona. Let him go back to his village and allow another person from another party to rule for change

  5. It disgusts me when I read about senseless and trivial matters on which PDP pinpoint to all in a bid to get Buhari out of the way. Jonathan is so clueless and bereft of ideas that he is running around like a headless chicken making mockery of himself. Why shouldn’t he allow an election to hold, and if he wins, so be it.
    I stand by Obasanjo’s statement, “he should not take take Gbagbo’s path….”

  6. Well if court does that simply means that they just provided him a safe landing, otherwise he was still bound to fail including OBJ, Tinubu, Amachi and others.

  7. That useless, archaic, fanatical, out-dated, uncivilised, annoying, wicked, certificate-forger and terrorist should go and sit down, he can never rule Nigeria again.

  8. idiots, if he is not going to be the president, are ur fathers well qualified to be? just keep ur dirty mouth shut and pray to God to choose the best leader whether he is muslim or cheristein. nigeria is one

  9. If GEJ destroy this country, he will be use to cleanse. After saying he is not power drunk, he is trying everything to disqualify his main opponent. Gej surely don’t want election to hold, he should also remember that if they succeded in disqualifying GMB, Osinbajo will carry on, and Yoruba and Hausa will massively Vote whoever APC put forward. We are on operation kick out GEJ and PDP. We are determine more than ever. GEJ is not part of those who struggle for this democracy,so he and evil PDP member can destroy it for their selfish reason.

  10. For those of u opposing GMB oju yin loma se, if any riging occour I swear that’s d end of south south and igbos generation. Gmb will win 28 states by God grace, he will surely clear all south west and all northan state write my words down

  11. At kokolet, God will destroy u and ur generation. U are already cursed. Just wait d biased and useless Jega dat u people are waiting to use and rig d election must proceed on compulsory leave according to Nigerian constitution. Go boil ur head, idiot.


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