Displaced Nigerians Can’t Wait To Get Home After Troops’ Victory Over Boko Haram ( READ)

Thomas 34, a refugee from Baga currently resides in Waru, an outskirt community in Apo Abuja. On January 5, 2015, Thomas, a Farmer, as well as other members of his small fishing community said they he had trekked over 5 kilometer’s to escape insurgents in a massive attack that had left his brother missing his friend dead after the terrorists onslaught on the Military (MJTF) Operational Headquarters in Baga.

He has just received news from home, of the conquest by our troops over Boko Haram in the battle that led to the victory and reclaiming of Baga from the terrorists siege.

Thomas who spoke to a reporter with NewsWireNGR agency expressed his excitement at the news as same holds for others living in the IDPs Camp, initially thought an impossible feat, Thomas had to confirm the news of the Troops victory from an Uncle who currently lives in Baga.

He said: “We are really happy with what has been happening over there at Baga, i called my uncle and he said the military have won.

An excited Thomas who expressed who expressed confidence though he lacks knowledge of the whereabouts of his family members, he his sure that that they will all return Home.

“Several of my family members, I don’t know where they are now and I cannot reach them, but I know that if they hear that Baga is safe they will try and return there.”

Narrating the Story of his displacement from Baga, Thomas said: “I was in the farm with my brother and he decided to pack some yams home when he was gone, I started hearing gun-shots and heavy sounds like bombs, so I ran into the bush. After walking for long I saw other people with leathers and bags in their hand and we all started heading by foot towards Maiduguri. I have not heard from my brother since then, I hope he is alright.”

Thomas had no blames for anyone as he only looks forward to being re-united with members of his family and his friends and the #VictoryForNigeria in Baga has brought a significant ray of hope after weeks of despair.

Apparently disgusted at the activities of the Boko Haram Terrorists and their promoters, he hoped that they never return to his beloved Baga again. “It is just that we dont know if this Boko Haram people will return again”. Thomas said.

And no matter the reservations of the doubting thomases, To Mr. Thomas from Baga, our troops victory is assured and offers him a much awaited chance to go back home.


  • Congratulations, as the war against boko haram is taking a positive dimension in favour of Nigerians. we are praying for the military. we shall be more comfortable when the lDP’s can vote at there polling units i.e if there will be elections. since anything can happen in Nigeria my country. God will help the masses

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