Ghanaian Singer, Mzbel Says Jesus Christ Doesn’t Exist

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We all know that hearing an African say this is like a taboo, an abomination.

Well, Ghanaian singer Mzbel says in a recent interview that she thinks Jesus Christ does not exist and the story was made up by Europeans who colonized Africans.

Mzbel said “Trust me, I don’t believe in that anymore…I don’t want to offend anybody. I used to believe in ‘it’ but eerrmm, I did my own research and I think ‘it’ was made up but I might be wrong; but by my own research, it was made up. Because the same story 5000 years ago happened in Egypt…Horus’ mother was a virgin…He did miracles, he had disciples at the age of 12,”

“I used to believe in ‘it’. I prayed in tongues. I can pray in tongues right now. I actually prayed in my room one time until the room was filled up in smoke…but now trust me, I will not believe in it anymore.”

Mzbel also added “So you know, I believe in God… The God of Israel, The God of Moses, The God of David, The God of Abraham, The God of Jacob etc… I don’t believe in the story of Christ. Yes I don’t and I don’t mean to offend anyone, it makes absolutely no sense to think that the same people that came to colonise us under very savage conditions will also show us a saviour to redeem us …if u will be patient enough to do your own historical research, you can realise that this story of Christ is to serve the purpose of softening the people that Europe wanted to enslave and colonise. The purpose of weakening us psychologically, and also to prepare our minds for the onslaught Europeans launched against us. They are simply utilitarian ideals that Europeans used to successfully break our will to resist their imposition and domination…Let’s not be quick to judge or hate, let’s learn #Hashem #Mzbelmust#FemiAkomolafe #RichardDawkins #ThomasPaine.”

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  1. my sister, you have missed it but before it will be too late for you make a u-turn to Jesus Christ your savior now. if you continue with hell fire is where you will end your life but run for your life.

  2. My dear sister you see Jesus Christ was God’s idea, man had nothing todo with it, thats why men killed him. The European cannot enslave us coz the knowledge of Jesus has freed us. Pls carefully read your bible and you will understand it.

  3. Sister I call you that becos you are like a sister to me even though will don’t know each other but hear me well OK, Jesus Christ is real who do you think created the world. Or you think the world created it self, that is not possible. Some people say we were created from monkeys. That is not also possible you say, you can speak in tongous but you don’t believe. My sister pls don’t let the world turn your thinking into some else becos you don’t see Him that does not mean he don’t exist your breath that you are breathing how did it come about if not for God. God says in his words that his thought for us is for good and not for evil. Pls don’t do this to your self I want you to think this over and over take your time..


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