Hope Buhari Told The Audience At Chatham House How Much He Loves Boko Haram – Fani-Kayode


People’s Democratic Party (PDP) Presidential Campaign Organisation has described the appearance of the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Muhammadu Buhari at the Chatham House, London as a stage managed show of shame.

“We wonder whether General Buhari told his foreign audience whilst he was in London how much he loves Boko Haram. We wonder whether he told them that he once said that he believes that ‘an attack on Boko Haram is an attack on the north’ and that the Boko Haram terrorists should be appeased, pampered, resettled and paid allowances,” said Femi Fani- Kayode, Director, Media and Publicity of PDP Presidential Campaign Organisation said.

“It is amazing that a man that refuses to participate in a debate in his own country is so ready to go to a foreign country to sell his message in a desperate attempt to curry favor with the people of that country.

“We wonder if he told them that he was once nominated by Boko Haram to be their spokesman and representative during proposed negotiations with the Federal Government.

“We wonder if he told them that he was the one that ordered and organised the violent injecting, crating and disgraceful kidnapping of a former Minister of the Federal Republic of Nigeria by the name of Alhaji Umaru Dikko from the streets of London 31 years ago when he was in power.

“We shall state our views about General Buhari’s stage-managed show of shame at Chatham House at a later date; and, at that time, we shall go into far more detail.

“For now, all we can say is that it is truly pitiful that a former Head of State of the Federal Republic of Nigeria believes that it is more important to win the hearts and minds of the British than it is to win the hearts and minds of the Nigerian people.

“General Buhari can run to any foreign country in the world to say anything that he likes but at the end of the day the decision as to who will lead Nigeria as from May 29th this year will be determined by no one else but the Nigerian people. The game is on here and not in London,” Fani-Kayode said.


  1. FFK,kindly allow late Umaru Dikko to have peace in his grave,I understand Muslims don’t talk about the dead.Dikko’s

    children may not like what you are doing.Dikko is dead and all of us are on track waiting 4 our time and that includes you. Only God knows who is next either in sickness or in health. Dikko should be allowed to rest in peace pls.

  2. He didn’t say dikko shldnt rest in peace, He only made reference 2 an incident dat took place when he was alive. Am not suprise anyway buhari supporters will behave like him. Naïve uneducated boko harams!

  3. @Uncle,apparently U’re naïve about what Taslow meant when he said Muslims don’t speak about the dead(moreso in a controversial issue). Does being a muslim automatically makes one a Boko Haramist? U’re so so stupid & show ur low-thinking mind.

  4. we will still vote for him,in fact u re wasting time nd energy,little advice y cant u just go nd talk about okonjo about our 30trillion.looters usesless man.I have total respect 4 yorobas but I guess u re not 1 of them

  5. who this kayode think he is Now??
    u want to act like Amaechi right? make u tell u ogah kayode u don’t have weight like Hon.Amaechi at all. u better pack well and rest unless u are ready to burry ur head in shame. idiot.

  6. Who even want listen to Fani Kayode? What about the shameful protest u paid Nigerians youngsters in London to protest against Buhari,they did not even know what they were protesting for; shameful Fani & pdp

  7. Fani is bin long dat we Nigerians nos u lyk a child on his mother’s bak.. u ar nt civilised wallahi! Go an face ur case of money londry.. fool..

  8. FFK only tried to do his job, by try to direct d minds of his followers, so I don’t c y all this insults. If u believe in ur candidate very well, u won’t b bothered, 4 me GEJ is way beyond any opposition, bcos his application of international best practice is not negotiable.

  9. Am highly disapointed in all you guys for abusing ffk, so you don’t want him to make his final ultrances before he will be buried (politicaly)for life. When one knows he’s dieing he has to yarn his last yarn. So pls stop condemning him abeg


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