I Am A Converted Democrat Ready To Operate Under Democratic Rules – Buhari


The Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC) Muhammadu Buhari on Thursday admitted that military rule was dictatorship but said he is now a converted democrat.

“Let me say without sounding defensive that dictatorship was military rule, though some are less dictatorial than others,” he said in a speech at the Chatham House international affairs institute in London, which was streamed live via the institute’s website.

“I take responsibility for whatever happened under my watch. I cannot change the past but I can change the present and the future.

“So, before you is a former military ruler and a converted democrat who is ready to operate under democratic rules.”

“I will, if elected, lead by personal example,” he said. “On corruption, there will be no confusion as to where I stand: corruption will have no place and the corrupt will not be appointed to my administration,” he said.

Buhari promised that if he wins, his government would work to free people from the “curse of poverty”.

The former head of state, while speaking on Boko Haram insurgency in the country, lamented that the government had not given the military the required support to end insurgency in the country.

“Our soldiers have neither received the necessary support nor the required incentive to tackle this problem. Let me assure you that if I’m elected president, I vow to change that.

“We will give them adequate modern arms and ammunition, we will improve intelligence gathering… we will be tough on terrorists and tough on its root cause…in the affected areas.

“No inch of Nigerian territory will ever be in the hands of the enemy,” Buhari pledged, promising to return Nigeria to its former role as a stabilising force in west Africa,” he promised.


  • There is nothing like a converted democrat. You are either a democrat or you are not. Buhari is not and has never or will ever be a democrat. Stop pretending and deceiving yourself. We don’t want indirect reactivation and continuation of military rule. Don’t take us back.

  • Buhari you are Good leader, crupted persons has no chance in government, we are praying to be our leader tomorrow, why some are affraid of you? Are they honest? Are they sencere? Let us fight the crupt ones out.

  • You are not to decide if he is a Democrat or not if he says he is. We all have done wrongs in the past in our various lives and we won’t in present day want to be judged by our past especially now that we are a changed person. You can’t judge Buhari was 27 years ago from now. If he says, he is a democrat then he is. We definitely cannot go back to Military or Dictatioship kind of rule but I feel what Nigeria needs to progress is someone with a strong personality like Buhari, with a little bit of dictatorship if possible that can tackle problems. Unlike this present administration who seem to be soft and gentle on corruption and the likes and they all get to do whatever they like when they know the presidency cannot do anything all in the name of democracy. We need a strong personality leader not someone who is been influenced by the Godfathers behind the scene. I think amongst the candidates available, Buhari is the better choice whether we choose to believe it or not.

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