I Didn’t Plan To Marry A Musician — Oby Edozie-Okoroigwe

The Okoroigwes

Musician, Alex Okoroigwe aka Alex O and his wife, Oby, an actress, talk about their marriage

How did you meet your wife?

Alex: We are both in the entertainment industry and met in the line of duty. While I am a musician, she is an actress. We met a couple of timesbefore we became friends.Work brought us together and I noticed some qualities in her that I liked.

What were these qualities?

Alex: She is a caring and loving person. She is also beautiful and sexy.

Oby: I loved him before I met him because he’s very handsome. When we got properly acquainted, I realised he is humble.

How did the relationship develop?

Alex: It developed like any other relationship; boy meets a girl and the rest as they say is history.

How long was your courtship?

Alex: We dated long enough to know and understand each other sufficiently. We courted for some time, even though we were friends before we started dating.

How did he propose to you?

Oby: He proposed to me in a restaurant; I was surprised.

Did you plan to marry someone in the entertainment industry?

Oby: No, I never intended to marry someone in the entertainment industry.

Did your family oppose your relationship?

Alex: No, there was no resistance.

Why did you wed in secret?

Alex: There was no particular reason for doing so. Sometimes, you just want to do things differently.

How did you adjust to your status as a married woman?

Oby: It was not hard for me to adjust, because that’s what I wanted at that time in my life. Playing the roles of a wife and mother is not an easy task, but the joy of caring for my husband and son, makes it easier.

Has it deprived you of your freedom?

Oby: Not really; one has to figure out what is more important and prioritise. But, I would say it has changed me; I look at things differently now when compared to how I did when I was still single.

How would you describe your marriage?

Oby: My marriage is a blessing from God.

What would you like to change about each other?

Alex: I don’t think it has to do with changing something about your spouse. In marriage, couples are supposed to learn and grow together. They should find better ways to accommodate each other.

Oby: I would like to change his happy-go-lucky dress sense.

Has marriage affected your acting career?

Oby: Acting will always be there for me and is something I would do for the rest of my life. After l had my son, I had to get back in shape but along the line, I got pregnant again. I will return to acting and producing after I am delivered of my baby.

Do you have access to each other’s phones and social media accounts?

Alex: That is not necessary. We both are old enough to know the importance of trust in a relationship. There is no need to spy on each other.

Oby: My husband has access to my phone. I leave my phones with him sometimes; especially when it develops a fault. I don’t bother myself with his phone even though he keeps it locked.

What are the secrets of a lasting union?

Oby: There has to be understanding, respect and unadulterated love between husband and wife.

How do you spend time together?

Alex: We spend time with each other like every other couple. Even though we get busy with work, we still find time to be together, watch movies, listen to music and discuss trending issues.

Do you operate a joint bank account?

Alex: We do not operate a joint bank account yet, but if the need arises, I am sure we will consider it.

Do you get jealous of your wife’s male fans?

Alex: Not at all. Once there is trust in a relationship, you don’t have to worry about such petty issue.

What common hobbies do you have in common?

Alex: We like to watch and analyse movies, listen to music and visit family and friends.

How have you managed to stay happy and together despite the failure in some celebrity marriages?

Alex: We take it one day at a time; we look at our differences and find a common ground.

What makes you quarrel?

Oby: Sometimes, we argue about issues caused by other people.

How do you make up when there is a quarrel?

Alex: When there is a little quarrel, all you need to do is to think about the initial reason why you came to together, and try and take steps that will calm the situation, life goes on.

Oby: One person takes the blame and apologises, for peace and harmony to reign.

Why are celebrity marriages short-lived?

Alex: Failed marriages are not restricted to celebrities. Even marriages of non-celebrities crash. The difference is that the celebrities are popular, so whatever happens to them gets reported by the media. The moment a couple fails to accommodate each other, problems will arise in the relationship. If it is not checked and controlled, resentment builds up and the inevitable happens.

What would be your advice to other married celebrities?

Oby: They should always pray together and learn to tolerate each other because no one is perfect. Everyone has his or her faults but with love, patience & understanding, life will be a lot easier.

What pet names do you call each other?

Alex: She calls me Obim and I call her TSone which means The Special One.

Oby: I call him Obim or Lexy S#xy.