INEC Bows To Pressure, General Elections Now March 28th, April 11th

Jega-PUThe Independent National Electoral Commission on Saturday announced a shift in the 2015 general elections earlier slated for February 14 and 28.

Announcing the postponement at a press conference in Abuja some few hours ago, the chairman of the Commission, Prof. Attahiru Jega, said the presidential and national assembly elections will now hold on March 28 while the governorship and state houses of assemblies election will take place on April 11.

The INEC chair blamed the elections postponement on the inability of the nation’s security agencies to provide manpower for the elections.

According to Jega, the security agencies told INEC that they were commencing a six-week special operation against Boko Haram insurgents in the north eastern part of the country and would rather not be weighed in by the elections.

Mr. Jega announced that the security agencies also informed the commission that operations to dislodge the sect are due to commence on February 14, the date earlier slated for the presidential and federal legislative elections.

This decision by the security forces, Jega said, rendered INEC’s readiness and earlier stance that it was going to go ahead with the elections a risky venture.


  1. Who is deceiving who?,who is controlling d security forces?…..what they have not been able to achieve in years will now b achieve in 6weeks….and ds issue of postponement started with our president national security adviser and it became a reality @last…when will Nigeria ever get better?

  2. INEC is obviously not prepared and should not just hide under security concerns. How many people have got their PVCs. I haven’t gotten mine -they keep making one excuse after another. In fact, nobody in my ward has got any PVC. How would they have conducted elections in such a place without issuing the PVCs.
    We had to re-register as they could not find our wards PVCs citing a crash on their data base.

  3. Same old story; I told a friend of mine to choose & fix Feb. 14th or 28th as his wedding date because I knew those are the safest day knowing fully well that the inconsistency nature of this nation will soon raise its ugly head and any other date between February 14th to May 19th is not safe. so it is better to put ur event on the same day Nigeria Government is choosing because we have a highly corrupted inconsistent Leaders.