It’s A ‘Big Disgrace’ That Chad, Cameroon, Are Fighting Boko Haram More Than Nigeria – Buhari

muhammadu-buhariThe presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd), has expressed disappointment that neighbouring Chad and Cameroun are turning out to be more successful at the battle front against Boko Haram than Nigeria.

The inability of the country’s leadership to secure Nigeria’s territorial integrity, he said, is a “big disgrace”.

“It’s a big disgrace for Nigeria. It is now Cameroon and Chad fighting the insurgency more than Nigeria. We will build the capacity and Nigeria should be able to secure its territorial integrity”, the APC candidate told Reuters on Friday.

Troops from neighbouring Chad, Niger and Cameroon, all much smaller and poorer countries than Nigeria, have been battling the terrorists who have claimed control of local governments and villages in Borno State, northeast Nigeria.

On the February 14 presidential elections, Buhari said that he was committed to seeking redress through the courts if there are irregularities in the voting, promising not to call his followers into the streets.

“I’m optimistic that I won’t lose. But we signed an undertaking that it will be violence free”, Buhari said. “We are attempting to stabilise a multi-party democratic system”.

On the speculations that the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) is under intense pressure to shift the polls, Buhari said “There will be no delay. But if INEC is compromised, then, it will be too bad”.

He again reiterated his administration’s plan, if elected, to tackle corruption within the Nigerian National Petroleum Corp (NNPC) and to reopen an investigation into missing crude oil revenues of around $20 billion.

He also vowed to tackle the theft of crude oil tapped from pipelines in the Niger Delta.

“Our main objective is to secure the country. We will not tolerate insurgency, sabotage of the economy by the blowing up of installations, by stealing crude and so on…. All these things will be things of the past”, Buhari assured.


  • Its a big disgrace because you are one of the sympathizers of boko haram!
    Its a big disgrace that you could not swallow your pride to offer positive solutions UNLESS we VOTE for you.
    Its a big disgrace that you and your cohorts threatened to make the country ungovernable just because you are not the one in ASO Rock.
    Its a big disgrace you CANNOT prove the authenticity of your 1961 WASC results
    Its a big disgrace that the self righteous messiah is now dining with Former PDP rogues and sworn thieves just because you desperately need to be the President of Nigeria.

  • Is it not a disgrace that our self acclaimed messiah CANNOT prove authenticity of his certificate?
    Is it not a disgrace that he-Buhari sympathizes with Boko haram more than with the innocent?
    Is it not a disgrace that the messiah is now dining with ex PDP thieves and rogues?
    Is it not a disgrace that he won’t offer help except when voted into the presidency?
    Is it not a disgrace that he DOES NOT have the spirit of sportsmanship to accept defeat without resorting to violence?

  • I fully agree with you.Naija a super power in Africa. Why would the nigerian leadership allow chad cross border to fight boko haram.Where are our tough and rugged men? It is indeed a disgrace for naija not to be able to defeat this insurgency.

  • Sai Buhari. Intra community war is more difficult to fight and win,than inter community war.Reasons ranges from both sides know too well each other secret,Betrayers,buhari-haram,among others.

  • A thief calling another thief. U will stop Boko Haram wen u are voted as president. U fail. Ordinary campaign ur followers coursing all havoc in d Northeast yet u self claimed incorrupted gen can not call ur Boko Haram followers to order yet u are thinking to come in to power. Fowl play. You d leader of insurgents nd Boko Haram himself. You are thinking of how u & ur troops will come nd steal more of d OIL & VANDALISM OF PIPELINES. BARAWO OLE ONYESHI THIEF. Go on nd sponsor more of ur Boko Harams Gen Buhari bt dis time God will ur insurgents against u since u do not want to change for good. Your own hands will suck ur own blood u BABOON.

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