Jaywon Says Nigerian Entertainers Lie About The Extravagant Life They Claim They Live

Music act Jaywon, while speaking recently to hip hop world magazine, said the Nigerian entertainment industry is full of fake people.  He asked the question of how people can come to terms with an artist posting a photo of a 2015 car online and when he is seen in reality, he drives a 2009. He said some other few things too, lol. READ below..


The truth of the matter is the industry is fake; everyone trying to say the next guy is fake. But we do stuffs in the industry that is extravagantly unnecessary. I have had instances when someone calls me up for a collabo, and I’m not available or booked for something else, then i apologise and turn it down, the next thing you would hear is, “Jaywon is fake, he cannot even support his fellow colleagues”. You see someone buy a car, post a picture of the 2015 model, when you see him on the street, he’s driving the 2009 model, why?? I have seen a lot of artistes bad mouth other people because they are trying to promote themselves but the truth is its no news anymore and it is wrong. As a person I try to do what is right by my colleagues as well as my family. I would rather provide for my family than go and pop champagne at clubs and am not saying popping bottles is wrong o, it is just how I set my priorities as an individual. See, if you have listened to M.I featuring 2face and Sultan, ”Human Being” that song sums up the industry we are in.




  1. What shall it profit you living a FAKE life, @ the end of the Day you are still where you are. Supernatural breakthroughs starts with a Humble beginning. @ Moses what Jaywon says about fellow colleagues is true bcos one of them is a friend to my brother, so he came to our Home and snapped picture with 2014 Bentley dt Belongs to our cousin dt based in abroad. To my greatest suprise i saw it all over d Net dt he just acquired 2014 Bentley. Dis happened last year.

  2. Hahahhahahhhahahaaahaaa @ Moses, i even saw my clothes dt i washed dt very day dt was hanged @ d back showing @ d background of d [email protected] Jaywon don’t join ur Fake colleagues dt Pops Fake Expired Champagne Living a FAKE life, @ d End of d Day u’ll start hearing of Mr A or Mr B is suffering from Kidney or Heart failure. U’ll now see a FAKE Proud owner of 2015– G-Wagon, Bentley, Porsche Cayenne, X6, 4Matic, Range Rover, Rolls Royce, Begging common N1m for Transplant in India. Hahahhahahhhahahaaahaaa!!!!


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