Jonathan’s Campaign Plans To Hire Anti-Buhari Protesters In London Exposed

The campaign organization for President Goodluck Jonathan’s re-election has reportedly paid out the sum of $20,000 to hire protesters in London ahead of the presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, Muhammadu Buhari’s speaking engagement at Chatham House, Thursday.

According to an internal memo, a copy of which was seen by our correspondent on PREMIUM TIMES, the said sum would be spent on mobilising the crowd, providing refreshment and defraying other logistics.

The memo, which originated from the campaign’s Assistant Director, Civil Society and Support Groups (Diaspora), Peter Mozie and addressed to Prof. Nick Eze, Director, Civil Society and Support Groups of the Goodluck Jonathan Campaign Organization, with a carbon copy also sent to the President’s Special Adviser on Political Affairs, Prof. Rufai Ahmed Alkali, stressed why the anti-Buhari protest should hold and the amount needed to successfully pull it off.

Meanwhile, it was learnt that the funds have since been released and wired to London while extensive mobilization of protesters is now in place.

Mr. Mozie’s memo, entitled: “The Chatham House Rally: March Against Dictator”, reads: “Nigerians in the Diaspora will converge at Chatham House, United Kingdom on Thursday, 26th of February, 2015 to show solidarity and support for President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan and his transformation agenda in Nigeria as a surprise to the august visitor, the Presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress.

“The solidarity rally will among other things address major progresses of President Goodluck Jonathan and many sins of General Muhammadu Buhari while he was military dictator.

“Talking Points:

  1. Buhari is an unrepentant Dictator, who will never change no matter the number of suits he wears.
  2. Buhari overthrew the democracy and ruled Nigeria despotically subverting human rights, imprisoning the innocent and jailed Nigeria’s foremost musician, Fela Anikulapo Kuti and innocent journalists for no just reason.
  3. The rally will remind the international community about Buhari’s dictatorial leaning from 1983-1984 when many innocent Nigerians were killed, our democracy raped and Nigerian constitution suspended.
  4. The rally will also draw the attention of opinion leaders and diplomats in the United Kingdom that Buhari should not be in Chatham House but facing war crimes at the Hague before the International Criminal Court, ICC, for genocide against Christians and innocent Nigerians who were killed by his supporters in 2011 on his instructions when he campaigned in Minna, Niger State and asked his supporters to unleash mayhem if he lost the election.
  5. Above all, to draw the attention of the international community to the fact that Nigerians have rejected Buhari thrice before and will still reject him for the 4th time. In essence, to tell the whole world that Nigerians reject Buhari.

Schedule of Event

Arrival at Chatham House – 9 a.m

Drummers playing patriotic Nigerian music – 9a.m. – 9.30 a.m

Start chanting of Anti-Buhari and anti-military songs also

Speakers start speaking about Buhari’s dictatorship at 10 a.m

Diaspora will stay at Chatham and continue to chant Anti-Buhari songs until the event is over.

The world must know a DICTATOR has come to Chatham House. A ruthless killer has come to Chatham House.

However, to defray the cost of the logistics, refreshment, mobilization and necessary permits to stage the rally we shall need the sum of $20,000.00 to cover all the expenses.


CC: Prof. Rufai Ahmed Alkali

SA to the President on Political Affairs”

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  1. Actually, this shows d extend in which Jonathan is campaining for d president candidate of APC. This will clear to Fayose nw dat Gen. Buhari is hale and hearty. This will even clear d air dt Buhari is being taken to London hospital for treatment, a false allegation made by Gov. Fayose of Ekiti state.

  2. anti buhari protesters exist on their own without been hired, the reason is simple buhari’s past isn’t encouraging at all.. so regardless GEJ’s effort a massive portion of the populace home and away doesn’t support him.

  3. Frankly speaking, i don’t even trust this man called Buhari. He meant even be the one who hired those guys and said President Jonathan sponsor it.


  5. And now this is what i call a strategic propaganda. Anybody from Mars can come up with a type writen strategic fallacy, to incite variable conclusions on the ruling party. But i thankGod history cannot be altared, it shouts warning! everytime this dictator comes out for Presidency.

  6. We know all these games, this is what happens when a white is your campaign consultant. please APC change your lame strategy. Propaganda never work for Nigerians!

  7. Stupid Games from a frightened political party, Buhari and the APC are just confused and stupid, Every Nigerian knows that GEJ will remain president till 2019! So why all these struggle.

  8. Stupid Games from a frightened political party, Buhari and the APC are just confused and stupid, Every Nigerian knows that GEJ will remain president till 2019! So why all these struggle….

  9. Reading dis comments,all I see is sentiments based of tribalistic and ethnic affiliations.u tink u csn jst sit in ur village and write nonsense online jst bcz u hav access to internet and were able to afford china fone?ask pple who attended d chatham meeting wat rili hapnd instead of accusin pple for ur misdeeds…typical pdp style,always fightin d truth instead of investigating.


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