Lady Who Organised Yesterday’s Anti-Buhari Protesters In London Uncovered…Watch Her Confession Video

Following the drama that heralded Rtd. Gen. Muhammad Buhari’s speech at the Chatham House in London yesterday, new details have emerged.

The Chatham House in London got a lot of reactions from many Nigerians as it was predicted before the time of the general’s speech that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was planning to hire some Nigerians in diaspora to protest against Buhari. However the videos which showed that while the Chatham House had the presence of Buhari lovers chanting and awaiting his ‘glorious’ arrival, there were also anti-Buhari protesters who had placards with different write-ups on each of them.

Well, a video which suggests that the anti-Buhari protesters at the Chatham House might have been an organized arrangement was everywhere yesterday. The video suggested that the demonstration was truly stage-managed because quite a number of them did not know why they want PDP’s Goodluck Jonathan to win as against the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the coming presidential election. The said video has raised many dusts, as many who watched it were of the opinion that it might be the works of the PDP, while others said it might be another agenda from the APC to garner votes in the coming elections.

Well, a new video is out and a lady who organized the rented crowd that protested at the Chatham House in London on Thursday  has been uncovered. The new video looked like the person who covered it used a hidden camera tucked to his shirt for the sole purpose of covering what he wants it to cover. During an unofficial chitchat, the said lady gave her name simply as Adijatu and made it known that she was the one that organized 100 persons from Manchester in the United Kingdom for the purpose of the protest.


Adijatu, who first identified herself as Abi, confirmed on video that she mobilized the persons who came to the venue. She revealed that they came in chartered buses. That unlike Buhari with low spending power, Jonathan was a heavy spender. She equally said she can also organise such crowd for anyone in need of such as she does that very often.

When she  was asked if she was the one who pocketed the $20,000 budgeted for the rally, she simply laughed and moved on to other discussions. She also made it known that the people she mobilized are graduates who are presently on the verge of getting their Masters certificate and they are not illiterates.

See the engaging new video below:

Well, after watching the video, the onus is on you to decide what exactly to say about the yesterday drama…

Recall that one of President Jonathan’s aides, Doyin Okupe, who is known for his verbal attacks on opposition parties, was recently publicly embarrassed by journalists during a media briefing at the presidential villa in Abuja when he said Buhari would not win the forthcoming election.


  • See them liars,rain don start,were is the good road and drainage APC govment built in lagos state,people house de flood,property destroyed,the masses are sufering,oh GOD help us,save us from the shackles of APC AMEEEEEEEN and AMEN.

  • Another lie from All Progressive Criminals (APC), nobody was hire to bull Buhari. Nigerians are more ELIGHTENED & POLITICAL AWARE.

  • adijat or abi what ever your name if your country is good then come back home.
    Hope u love fictions/lies of present government in Nigeria
    Just come and enjoy within six yes of 24hrs of power, good road, best infrastructure, good drainages, walking railways, good housing,
    enough universities, 100million well paid jobs.

  • She should be ashamed of herself for scooping so low to be bought and used by APC for such cheap propaganda.. APC and their cheap propaganda..people who get paid for a job don’t turn their back on people that hired them.. a hired assassin will never reveal his contractor, APC it’s never done any way..better check your propaganda strategies and stop embarrassing your old ages..

  • This is undisguised APC unsuccessfull propaganda. Britain is a very wrong place for Buhari to try and launder his draconian reputation. That was where he seized Umaru Dikko in broad daylight in the street, drugged him and attempted to crate him to Nigeria. Now he is trying to sell himself as a democrat. This is absurd and shameful. Nigerians do not want Buhari. Pure and simple.

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