Lazy Driver Walks His Dog By Tying Its Leash To Moving Car


A lazy driver in the United Arab Emirates, tied his dog’s leash to his moving car in order to walk it, according to photos uploaded to the Internet. Worldwideweirdnews has more:

Photos that have surfaced on social media sites this week, shows a motorist in Dubai, walking his dog in a car park while sitting in his car and driving slowly along the animal with its leash tied to the mirror.

The car was spotted in the Al Mazaya Centre on Sheikh Zayed Road on Tuesday. According to witnesses at the scene, the dog was enjoying the adventure. A passerby said that the dog was walking nicely and quietly, and did not look like it was in distress. The dog was walking around for a few minutes, and did its business.

The driver then got out of the car, put the dog inside and drove off. A doctor expressed his concern about the incident, saying that while the dog got its daily exercise, the owner did not. He suggested the dog owners actually walk their dogs instead of sitting and driving alongside their pets in their cars so that both get their daily exercise.

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