Mammoth Crowd Of Supporters Overwhelm Buhari At Borno APC Rally, Cancels Inauguration Of Projects

Screenshot (278)A mammoth crowd of supporters on Monday in Maiduguri overwhelmed the All Progressives Congress (APC) presidential candidate, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, making him to abandon several efforts to address them.

It took the convoy of the candidate more than an hour from the Maiduguri International Airport to arrive the Ramat Square, venue of the rally.

The APC candidate, who was accompanied by his running mate, Prof. Yemi Osinbajo and other party leaders, had to abort all efforts at addressing the crowd which kept shouting “Sai Buhari”.

Thousands of party supporters, mostly youths, had lined up along major roads in Maiduguri as early as 7a.m. to catch a glimpse of the APC presidential candidate.

Vehicles were forced to move at snails speed after Buhari arrived the state capital, as supporters occupied the roads in celebration.

NAN further reports that the APC presidential candidate also had to cancel the inauguration of some projects executed by the state government due to the mammoth crowd which inhibited movement. (NAN)


  1. That is where Jega sent all the PVC. A state where BH activities are domiciled with thousands of IDP recording more voters than Lagos. We all can clearly see the JEGA/ APC/ACF conspiracy! But I tell you, it will not work. Nigerians will not go back into the forest. They will vote JONATHAN for unity and continuous transformation of this country.

  2. @pato,@boom doom u guys r fools bcos u r yet 2 understand btw credibility n deceit. I hope u ol come 2 knw d truth n learn 2 accept it. D president has failed n d opposition is trying hard 2 correct it bt u guys r stil hiding under regional, religious, tribal n sentimental beliv. Am 4 credibility n nt 4 incompetence. GMB ol d way

  3. Snap out of it,@Yakubu, @Molly and @Ogis. You all know as well as I do, that Buhari ain’t going no where. Nigerians don’t have short memories. We haven’t forgotten what he did in his last outing at helm of Nigeria’s affairs. Besides, GMB is too old to lead this dynamic nation. For crying out loud, he has paid his dues in this country. he deserves to rest, so let him rest. Stop cajoling him to his grave. Oh, and THERE IS NO VACANCY in Aso Rock.