More Winners Are Emerging From Number One Lottery Online Platform, Mobile (Creative Of N75,000 N70,000 & N45,000)


Solomon Ijobor, Seun Otunaiya & Stanley Chinyerugo amongst others are the least of all the winners celebrating their win after playing any of games from Scratch2Win, BreakDaVault & SuperMillion on

According to the team, the joy experienced by winners when they discover they win, request for their prize to be sent to them and get paid immediately without any hassle is their motivation to remain the most trusted online lottery platform and ensure credibility to players on the site.

You too can join the winners with any of the three games below:

Scratch2Win¬ – Scratch the entire card and try and match 3 winning amounts, if you do you win that prize.

BreakDaVault – Match five numbers combination in the exact order between 0 and 9 to open the Vault and claim the total available prize money every hour.

SuperMillion- Match your six numbers to the six numbers drawn between 1 and 50 to win a huge jackpot.


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