Nigeria Opens Its First Online Extensive And Updated Music Library To The World


I was discussing new ideas with a friend today when he brought this to my attention.

Remember all those dull moments when you need to listen to your favorite Nigerian songs and don’t want to start downloading one after the other; this is the solution.

Vuga Online Radio was recently launched and what it does is bring an extensive and updated music library to match its audience’s moods.

I checked it out and as a great lover of music, I discovered that it actually works; by offering enjoyment, peace and comfort as well as other psychological emotions to lovers of African music, with the use of this new music-streaming platform that publishes and distributes music content through any connected device.

The way it works is that it uses specific metadata and bespoke computer algorithm to publish and distribute music online. It allows its audience to listen to music they like and love based on specialized information and offers the easiest way to listen to a huge list of beautiful African music.

Vuga is also an online recommendation service; latest music discovery and music-streaming platform with specialized metadata in addition to its distinct human input, is what creates the very first database of “Smart African music”.

Unlike traditional radio, Vuga Online Radio is an automated recommendation service as it offers detailed information about every individual song on the platform including detailed information about the artist on every song.

Users can also listen to the music based on artist, song, genre or feeling. Each of the songs that the platform plays are embedded with metadata such as sentimental, happy, dance, celebratory and sad to name a few, this allows the algorithm choose the most ideal song that fits the mood of its users.

There are more than 1000 new songs added monthly into the music library and it’s compatible with any devices such as Desktop, Android, Windows, Blackberry and IOS.

Know more about Vuga Online Radio by visiting its official site at





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