1. For God sake who did this? Must they go n husle for dolars in abroad or fame intrerest or whatever! For crying out loud, this is like commiting genocide against my country nigeria, he no go better for those oyinbos n their entire world, as for those girls they better nationalise their n never return to infect our lifes with another deadly deases worst than Hiv n aids, they must have slept with dogs n monkes even lizard, haaa! Ko ni jino funyi o.mi le pari wooooo.

  2. This is what we call SODOM. The ENDTIME is here. How can u naked these girls jst to pick a most beautiful girl out of dem all. The judges & their sponsors are all mad & devil reincarnates. Oh God deliver us frm dis satanic trem.

  3. Anyway! it’s all in the name of money, may God have mercy on the matter of money all over the world! I don’t blame them, cause they have not known repentance I pray God open their spiritual mind to know the truth so the truth will set them free…