Nigerians Are Not Patriotic — Talking Drummer, ARA


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Female Nigerian talking drummer, Ara, has said she would expect Nigerians to vote in the March 28 presidential election based on their convictions and not on ethnic background or sentiment.

She warned Nigerians to stop being divided along ethnic line, but advised them to drill political candidates on issues.

“It doesn’t matter who sits in Aso Rock, the most important thing is getting someone who has the interest of the nation at heart, the president that will harness our resources in the right direction. It doesn’t matter where the person is from. If the mandate of the people gets you there, then you are chosen,” she told Encomium in a recent interview.

Ara added that, “What matters most is having a leader that has the interest of the masses at heart. Why do we clamour for someone from the North, South East or wherever? It is because we are not patriotic, whosoever gets to office should be supported.

“Look at Obama and Hillary Clinton, the two of them worked fine. She served under him without discrimination, so, what is wrong with us? Let us support whosoever God puts there.”