NLC Warns Against Postponement Of General Elections


The Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC), yesterday warned the Independent National Electoral Commision (INEC) not to postpone the general elections slated for February.

In a statement by the union, it argued that though the dangers in the land were unmistakably real, there were greater dangers in postponing the elections.

“Recently, the National Security Adviser, Colonel Sambo Dasuki, citing security concerns, urged the government to postpone the general elections. Some organizations and individuals have since lent their voices in support of a shift in date of the polls amidst equally vociferously dissenting voices which accused the government of orchestrating the postponement campaign, with some going as far as saying that government would rely on litigation and or street protests to achieve its objective,” he statement by NLC’s General Secretary, Dr Peter Ozo-Eson, read in part.

“While we at the Congress appreciate the security situation in the country, especially in the North East, we stand to be counted on the side of those who argue for holding of elections on their prescribed dates. Certainly, the dangers in the land are unmistakably real. Nonetheless, we do believe, there are greater dangers in a postponement. For instance, what assurance do we have that the security situation will improve in the next couple of months?

“Secondly, a postponement has the potential of lending credence to circulating allegations of manipulation by government. But beyond all this, the 1999 Constitution is clear and unambiguous about when and how elections are to be conducted and every effort should be made to meet with the provisions of the constitution.

The NLC therefore urged the government to as a matter of urgency, create an enabling environment for holding of elections in every part of Nigeria.


  1. The Council of State Meeting purportedly being called for 5th February to consider the issue of postponement of elections is further proof that the PDP government is the initiator of the postponement idea, first proof being that a NSA couldnt have expressed a personal opinion on such a sensitive issue as he did a few weeks back. We only hope that the elders in the Council (ex heads of State) will be elderly indeed and not dance to the tune of the unprepared and jittery PDP. There are two issues here. Is it INEC that is not ready and unable to issue PVCs or the people who are not coming forth to collect. INEC has reiterated it’s readiness, and so no amount of postponement will make the difference if the people are not interested in picking the cards. What is wrong in the government declaring public holidays to encourage willing citizens to pick their cards, if PDP is indeed sincere. This government is ready for another round of waste of resources, people’s efforts and possibly lives in the crisis that can follow such a postponement. The risk and cost of postponing the elections is surely far higher than the possible cost of fewer citizens voting. Elders please make the right choice. There is God o!


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