Northern Christian Leaders Recieve Death Threats For Endorsing Buhari


A group under the aegis of Northern Christian Leaders Eagle Eyes Forum (NCLEEF) says its leaders have been receiving death threats for endorsing the All Progressives Congress (APC)’s, presidential candidate, Muhammadu Buhari.

Chairman of the Forum, Pastor Aminchi Habu, told newsmen in Kaduna on Friday that President Goodluck Jonathan’s tenure in the past six years was a disappointment to Nigerians, particularly the Christian community. Habu said it was based on this that the Christian Forum decided to ditch Jonathan and endorse Buhari who they believe could rid the country of insecurity.

“Our decision to endorse Buhari was informed by our commitment to build a free, fair and a secular society where the inheritance should be justice to all,” said Habu.

“After the endorsement, our members, especially the chairman of this forum, have continued to receive threatening phone calls and text messages, calling us a sell-out group who have abandoned a Christian candidate in the person of President Goodluck Jonathan,” Habu said.


  1. This is certainly not a christian organisation but an illegal political forum set up by APC to dis-stabilize legitimate Northern Christian leaders. Wolves in sheep clothing. Hungry political pastors.

  2. Am hearing this name for the 1st time and they are irrelevant to the presidential race so why would anyone threaten them. They are just a group of irrelevant people in the north trying to be recognized.
    No one is interested in whatever they have to say or do so they can go ahead and say or do anything.
    Why am I even responding this nonsense?


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