Obasanjo To Jonathan: Be Ready To Face Dire Consequences Of Elections Shift

On Saturday, former President Olusegun Obasanjo warned President Goodluck Jonathan of the possible dire consequences of delaying the elections.

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Obasanjo spoke to journalists at his Presidential Hilltop Estate, Abeokuta mansion in Ogun State. He opined on the state of the nation and gave his opinion on the elections postponement.

He drew parallels between President Jonathan and the former Ivory Coast (Côte d’Ivoire) leader Laurent Gbagbo. Gbagbo, Obasanjo said, kept shifting the election date in his country until he was sure of winning. When the elections came resulted in a run-off, not only did he refuse to hand power over upon losing, but also “unleashed chaos, confusion and crisis” on his people “until nemesis caught up with him.”

Obasanjo maintained President Jonathan should be careful of those prodding him on, because “when the heat begins, he [Jonathan] would be left naked and isolated.”

Obasanjo insisted that the elections dates shift was informed by Jonathan’s fear of Buhari because of the latter’s tough disposition towards corruption and other vices.

The former president prompted Nigerian politicians to do everything possible to ensure peace and tranquility within the period.

Speaking on the struggle with Boko Haram, Obasanjo was not optimistic about the Nigerian military’s and allied forces’ success.

He, however, urged the leadership of both the ruling PDP and the opposition APC to ensure that the nation’s democracy remains intact.

Last weekend, the INEC announced its decision to heed the advice of Nigerian security agencies and postpone the elections, initially scheduled to take place in February, to late March and early April.


  1. obj God will punish u, u can not blackmail o ur President if u don’t stop dis madness u will be arrested and charge for treason, feloni, falsehood and deformation of character .useless man that sleeps with his sons wife, ugly gorilla.

  2. Someone help me tell obasanjo to allow the president Goodluck Jonathan handle or take care of things because is his turn and be reminded that no one dictected to him when he was in charge. Bye the way is obasanjo above the law?

  3. I find it very difficult to really comprehend Obasanjo’s unrelenting assault,denigration and ruthless onslaught on Jonathan.I also believe that this may be the case with many Nigerians.But Obasanjo should realise that Jonathan is not going to run away from Aso rock because of him. Obasanjo has deployed all the weapons in his armoury to try to silence Jonathan.By now the whole world have realised that Jonathan is unjustly being hounded by Obasanjo.He has written letters,he has called Jonathan all sorts of names,he has accused him of all sorts of crimes, yet he is not done.OBJ, leave Jonathan alone. Today you are hobnobbing with people you have written ill of, who you have regarded as felons simply because you want to undo Jonathan.Remember the story of the proverbial helpless hen and her pursuer.They say the hen will continue to run zigzag while the pursuer continues to fall.Go and read James Hardley Chase’s novel ‘How the Cookie Crumbled’. Pursuing an innocent man can be dangerous. This country belongs to all of us.And nobody is God,no matter how he/ she continues to hallucinate to the contrary.Today, this period, Jonathan is in charge and by God’s grace he can still win the forthcoming election.Now OBJ is angry that Jonathan’s govt in its wisdom decided to shift an election where it was obvious that more than 20million people would have been disenfranchised and where even INEC’S preparations was glaringly suspect.So what is Jonathan’s crime.But from OBJ’s angst one suspects that perhaps INEC’s skewed PVC distribution may have been part of their grand plot.Afteral as an apostle of do or die elections such would have been in cinc with such a plot.Well Nigerians are now more aware and can not be anybody’s fool anylonger. As for Jonathan the God who took him where he is will protect him from all evil mechanations from anybody.

    • It is world-wide knowledge that President Jonathan arm-twisted a reluctant INEC chairman Jega to postpone the much-anticipated general elections in Nigeria, much to the consternation and disappointment of millions of Nigerians and lovers of Nigeria in the diaspora.
      To add to the avalanche of vociferous condemnation heaped upon Jonathan and the opprobrium the postponement brought to Nigeria were the expressions of huge disappointment by the governments of U.S.A., Britain, E.U., U.N., A.U., Canada, France, Commonwealth and other well-wishers of Nigeria. We saw how Jonathan dribbled John Kerry Secretary of State of U.S.A. who was in Nigeria the previous week to address the stakeholders on the sanctity of allowing the elections and swearing –in the winner to be held on schedule. But alas, Jonathan will have none of that. Sensing a sound defeat at the polls if the elections were held as scheduled in Febuhari, he connived with the NSA, and the Service Chiefs, after the Council of State had turned him down, to truncate the wishes of Nigerians to vote out a rudderless and clueless government. But as the Yoruba proverb says – Nigba wo ni maku o ni ku (meaning when will the inevitable not happen)?
      We recall the sad role played by the NSA Sambo Dasuki in this matter when, at the behest of Jonathan, slipped out of Nigeria and announced to the whole world that the elections will not hold on schedule. We are not surprised that those who do not learn from history are bound to re-live it. Sambo Dasuki is the son of the impeached and exiled Sultan Dasuki of Sokoto who was ignominiously removed by Abacha in recompense of the ignoble role he played in the annulment of June 12 1993 elections which was adjudged world-wide to be the best conducted election in Nigeria. For it was in the palace of Sultan Dasuki that the decision to truncate June 12 elections was taken by the then ruling cabal of Nigeria after interviewing Abiola and realising that Abiola will not play ball with business as usual, another euphemism for corruption. While Anenih, the then Chairman of SDP, sold out and agreed to the annulment of his party’s presidential election victory, Sule Lamido, the then Secretary of SDP and now Governor of Jigawa state maintained his honour and refused to participate along with other supporters of Abiola. The event cascaded into a torrent of other events at the end of which Babangida stepped aside, Shehu Yaradua died in detention, Dasuki was dethroned and banished, Abacha died in office thus signaling a consummation of the evil deeds of truncation of democracy. Sambo Dasuki was then a Major in the Army was rusticated by Abacha, fled from the country and later rehabilitated by Jonathan as NSA. For what purpose? To replay June 12?
      Rumours of impending removal of Jega and most INEC RECs are rife, while rumours of interim government, tenure elongation, constitutional crisis are not going away. All these scenario are at the beheast of a jittery Jonathan and his cohorts who are grossly desperate jittery of the conduct of a free and fair presidential election and its result.
      Our investigations reveal that the suffering masses of Nigerian are clamouring for the conduct of a free and fair election to deliver them from the oppression of the ruling cabal under the thumb of one man ensconced in Aso Rock in the full glare of the whole world.
      The question is – Whither Nigeria?
      Nigerians in their millions are patiently waiting for 28th March to cast their votes.
      Nigerians who have not collected their PVC,s are doing so in their millions.
      Nigerians will not tolerate the planned removal of Jega and state REC,s at this eleventh hour when all hands are on deck to conduct a free and fair elections.
      Nigerians are watching the Service Chiefs with suspiscion and will not tolerate another bogus security excuse to postpone or truncate the elections.
      We advise Jonathan to pay attention to the pains of Nigerians and reduce his penchant for visiting churches and dividing Nigeria along religious and ethnic lines in order to carry out his selfish one-man agenda. We recall that Abacha called for national prayers while harbouring insincerity and deceit in his heart. We know the consequences of his actions because God does not welcome deceit.
      Buhari/Osinbajo are ordained to be in Aso Rock on May 29 2015.
      No force in the world can prevent that because it is the will of God.

      • Can two walk together except they agreed Assume light and darkness cannot walk together. For somebody who called himself a senior pastor to be an errand boy messenger to a fanatical moslem must be a backsliding pretender.No worry your sins will find u out in front of our God

    • Obj is a confuse old man who do not want the younger genetation to grow. He has forgotten so soon his third term and perharp his life president ambition. God will judge for all these harm you are doing to our president because he resisted your evil plan. Your body go pepper you enter grave. Wicked old man. U think u will not die

    • God bless you my dear Uwalaka Valentine. With God on the side of Jonathan nothing shall by any means hurt him, neither Obasanjo nor the likes. I know that history will vindicade our amiable President Goodluck Jonathan. Jonathan is a Saint when compared with all his accusers today.The record is before us and time shall tell.

  4. My custom does not allow juniors to insult elders no matter the situation. It’s clear baba is working for Buhari. But both baba and his friend should know they are not bigger than God. They should stop instigating Nigerians against our God given President. I would suggest to all Nigerians to rise again these ex kaki bad rulers. However God will pay them back

  5. I don’t understand the question ‘is Obj above the law’ is expression of opinion on issue of national interest by a former leader a criminal offence. Everybody talked as much as him. The only difference is that he is of a more respected and notable voice in the society.

  6. OBJ should allow GEJ rule,his turn has passed and Aso rock is no longer giving him the kind of attention he seeks. APC has won your heart we know.
    But you are not God
    You will not tell me who to vote for
    A man who CNN has confirmed that his administration has taken Nigeria to among the 3rd fastest growing economy in the world
    A man who Amnesty International has confirmed his administration being the least corrupt administration in the history of Nigeria
    Baba abeg allow me sleep well abeg
    Forward Nigeria
    Forward GEJ

  7. OBJ you are the most corrupt leader we have seen in Nigeria. You used our money to build a private library, private university and above stole our millions of dollars to rename NEPA to power holdings.

  8. Agba ki waloja ki ori omo tuntun baje (obj) is doing the right thing is obvious that GEj does not have new ideal on how to rule nigeria,let buari try

  9. Obasanjo gave us GEJ as the President. So he has the right to speak out when the man gooved big time. How do one call the refurbishment of railway as transformation with the money accrued to him during his reign? Why is discos and gencos given us more darkness instead of light? Stealing is still not corruption with Col Sambo Dasuki stealing in billions? I know we are all going to March4GMB to take-on this corruption head on. Obj is right in his assessment


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