Obasanjo – “What I Found Out About Boko Haram”


Obasanjo: “What I found out about Boko Haram”

Former president, Olusegun Obasanjo, has revealed new facts about Boko Haram, its founder and the insurgents. Obasanjo spoke to eNCA’s Raphael Ambasu in Kenya last week when he launched his memoir, My Watch. When asked why his efforts fell short despite being part of the negotiating team, Obasanjo said, ” I wasn’t negotiating on behalf of anybody. I decided to find out facts on my own. After the Boko Haram attacked the UN house in Abuja, I thought it was getting too far, I wanted to know if there is an organization, and if there is an organization, what is its objective? Are they organized? Do they have leaders? What are their grievances? Are they ready to talk and all that, which I took up on my own.

“I spoke to the president and said “look can I do this on my own?”, he said “look you can go and do it” and I thank him and I went. In fact he said he will give me a plane to go around. I said “look I don’t want a plane to go around because if I take a government plane to go around, I become a government agent and that would be suspect. No I don’t want the government to give it, so I did it on my own. The find, Yes, there is an organization, they have leaders, they have objectives, Sharia is their objective and Sharia law is not a problem, it is part of our constitution; they have grievances which nobody seems to be attending to, the development situation in their area.

“You see how they came about Boko Haram, that’s not the name they give themselves but their leader before he was killed in cold blood by the police. Mohammed Yusuf called in graduates that were with him and said “look bring your certificates, one who has first class, one who has second class, upper second class, lower and all that and one who has masters, so okay with your certificates can you use them to feed yourself? if you cannot use it to feed yourself, of what use is it?” So that’s where they got that appellation Boko Haram. Do they want to talk? At that time they wanted to talk, they even said they will talk not in Africa and I said to their proxy but look this is an African problem, it will be solved on African soil. Do they have leaders? yes they have leaders. So all things that I found out are reported faithfully to the authority.”

Source: city people


  1. This mad dog called Obasanjo should retire gracefully. What is his problem. Boko Haram was operational during is tenure as president but he did not investigate and stem it. What is he trying to insinuate now. He planted Jonathan as president thinking he can manipulate and use him to continue his legacies as fraud oil bandit. When Jonathan refused his weird ideas he started looking for his downfall. The death of Yaradua is now very suspicious. Nigerians should beware of this man Obasanjo. He sold NITEL to himself, got lion share of MTN, sold NEPA to himself an friends, Jointly formed Oando (meaning Obasanjo & others), slept with his daughter inlaw, frustrated electricity supply because he is the leader of the importers of generators. Can we in this country not see beyod our nose? This OBJ and his friends are not ready to see progress in Nigeria.

    • You are so myopic in your viewpoints that not only were all your assertions wrong but totally lack-lustre! All we can do in Nigeria is to be an eraser, to clean up, criticise, condemn, maim and sit by watching comedians while the train of nation building passes us by! OBJ has no problems, it’s your ilk who have enormous problems and hurdles to cross in Nigeria! He has done his part for the country, though with his own faults too! But descending so low that he slept with hi daughter-in-law etc, are lowest of all lows, which you found yourself in! If you think GEJ is the messiah of your generation, then mobilise for him to come back elected and, not rigged! The idiot continues to bastardise the entire nation and someone decided to be the vanguard for the helpless masses, you were busy assassinating his characters! Pray, pray hard, so your generation will know what they called sense of belonging in your own country and not sit by hauling abuses at OBJ! The man dies in him who keeps silent in the face of tyranny and oppression (Wole Soyinka)…Make contributions to see these vagabonds out of power! That is what OBJ is doing now! If you invited someone to come and have a drink on you at a pub, you should have the courage to tell him, it’s time to go home when he’s been fully influenced by the alcohol and not condone him to drink more!

  2. GEJ deserves another term
    am suspecting OBJ seriously GEJ must put this man where he belongs
    He must be made to pay for all his crime against the Nigerian state
    Nigeria is not his private business
    We are all Nigerians
    He planed everything now that is not working according to plan he is now a written and a publisher
    Ok oh let’s see how this drama will end

  3. Obasam or watever ur name is called, u happend to b an old thief who has refused to retire. As for @ yami Alan, am so ashamed dat u a bearin my tribal name,cos u r putin tribal sentiment b4 d truth. Sumtin tells me u r frm Osun. U and dat ur old fool will b disgraced. Rubish.

  4. @Mr Rafiu your analysis is wrong ”OANDO….Obasanjo and others” pls if u re comenting on issue knw wat u write ok. And instead of me to vote for GEJ again I will rather vote for Dog

  5. Be courteous and charitable in your comments about your leaders. If they have made mistakes, we tell them in subtle manner, how can you call an elderly, old enough to be your father mad dog. You could be worse!

  6. I cant but just remain silent in the face of people criticising without deep thought, even if Obj was a thief and all that, does that give jonathan the right to steal? Jonathan is nigerian president he was actually elected to stem the tide of public theft , all we can see now is that he has been stealing alongside his cohorts, he has been mismanaging our resources and has proven inept, should the likes of Obj keep quiet ?he has failed woefully out of sheer negligence or omission in discharging the constitutional duties as president and commander of the armed forces, there is only one way left, leave the power and let efficient leader takes over. It’s as simple x all these bla bla bla is a way of causing confusion and proven that the public or the citizens are not really familiar with their problems. And it actually shows that nigerian leaders are the Mirrow image of the rest of the society in general x the only saviour of Nigeria is a divine intervention for the people themselves can not reason beyond ethnic, religion and tribal sentiment. Bigger trouble may just be in the horizon.

  7. Shekau never said his grievance had anything to do with under-development situation in the North. Shekau has always maintained -in all his videos- that the only solution was full implementation of Sharia in Nigeria. Of course this is not possible in today’s multi-religious Nigeria. You don’t solve such problems through negotiation and OBJ could never have done it. OBJ should please at least speak the truth before he departs to meet his creator.

  8. It only hearty,vampire an umpatrotic and non-God fearing man DAT would support d incessant killings in blamed on dis sect bokoharam in d north. Is it bcos his son was not killed.to fight for sharia is it all about killing innocent souls.burning down place of worship?. Pls let’s stop playing partisan politics and becoming sentimental in our reasonings. Obj should go back to drawing board other wise d axe awaits him

  9. is this the way he want to stop this gej from killing this begot brothers and sisters make ona think well this is politics obj is a thief ….. now that gej is wiping this full he now device a means to stop him from killing them … what is actually wrong with obj for God sake

  10. I think is time for us to put our
    Head together and do the right thing,Don’t be selfish, for the sake of the future generations, we are suffering and still shout Gej
    The best answer is GMB. Buhari is the final solution to our pproblems.

  11. Buhari said fight against boko haram is fight against the north.
    Buhari was nominated by bokoharam to represent them for negotiation.
    Buhari said he was happy with the spread of sharia.
    Now if sharia is what Bokoharam are requesting them giving Buhari mandate is suicidal.
    Think well

  12. People see Gej as forth class citizen because he belongs to the minority group.
    Some often say that he is weak,incompetent, corrupt,etc. the question is that, when last did plane crashed in Nigeria? What about fertilizer racket? which year did we experience the worst of fuel scarcity, inflation is on the increase while food stuff is affordable in our various market. non of the FEC member resign because of intimidation, political assassination has stop suddenly.
    Are we saying the minister of finance is incompetent? Adesino of agric lack the competences? Would you say OPEC appoint corrupt minister of petroleum?
    The ethnic minorities are the Nigerians we are talking about. the majority ethnics are already on their own. if we can not forge ahead they should leave us alone. it is very simple. Jonathan should be voted in so that Nigerians would breath a fresh air.


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