Omoni Oboli Sends Out Message On Elections, #VoteNotFight


As the presidential elections dawns on us, a lot of people have expressed themselves about the 2 main candidates and their campaigns.

Entertainers have been taking part very actively and it’s a good thing to see.

A lot of Nollywood stars have expressed their thoughts on who to vote for and why in the upcoming elections and actress Omoni Oboli has sent out another #VoteNotFight message.

She posted on her Instagram: –

Peace! Peace!! Peace!!! Fellow Nigerians, indulge me with a few seconds of your time. I just want to implore you all to please for the sake of peace in our nation, stop the hate and fight going on predominantly online. It can easily become something else. If every single one of us brothers and sisters can think ‘peace’ at all times, it would do this country a world of good. Like I have said over and over again, it’s ok to be on opposing sides, what is totally unacceptable is the curses and the insults we are hurling at ourselves! This is not about me personally (I am sure by now you know I do not allow insults get to me. It’s a defense mechanism you develop in my line of business) I don’t even reply them. I just think what’s going on right now is very unhealthy! Hate is brewing! It never ends well! Fellow Nigerians, please please please, let us not do this to ourselves and our nation. Don’t allow a few tear us apart! We are one! We are brothers and sisters! Enough of the hate! Go ahead and debate your issues but never result to hurling curses and insults at yourselves. The world is watching! Please let peace reign! God bless Nigeria! PLS FEEL FREE TO SHARE THIS POST WITH YOUR FOLLOWERS AND FRIENDS. We need peace. #votenotfight

Omoni Oboli made the statement while attending the Nigerian premiere of the movie Selma.


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