[OPINION] Buhariphobia; The Only Logically Reason For Election Postponement By Ogundana Michael Rotimi

It would be difficult for an ordinary Nigerian that understands the way Nigerian politics is being played to believe that the postponement of the general elections which were earlier scheduled for February 2015, was not masterminded by some group of people for reasons best known to them.
I know that for some reasons, some may wish to argue that the major reason why the elections were postponed were indeed for security reasons as mentioned by the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) Boss- Prof. Attahiru Jega. But the question is; if the Presidency was sure of victory at the polls on February 14, 2015 as earlier scheduled, would it have succumbed to the acclaimed security reasons for postponement? The answer is No!
Also, some may want to buttress the aforementioned that in 2011, the elections were postponed and no one accused the President of having a hidden agenda, so no big deal if it happens again. But the truth is, there is a big deal this time around. The conditions responsible for a postponement in 2011 were different from the conditions being used in 2015. In 2011, elections were independently postponed by INEC itself for logistics failure and were not under the influence of any external conditions or persons. Meanwhile, in 2015, while giving the postponement speech, Prof. Jega mentioned emphatically, that they were fully prepared for the elections but have no choice than to postpone it because the security chiefs said they were not ready. The same security chiefs that are under the control of the Commander in Chief, altered a process which their Boss is actively involved. That could not have been possible without the consent of their boss.
Indeed, sometimes, some of our actions might be justifiable and worthy, but at the same time the reason(s) behind them is/are much more important. In other words, it is not an understatement to say that the postponement would give room for more logistics to be put in place but are at the same time the selfish reasons behind the postponement cannot also be overrated.
Those behind the postponement did not actually do it out of public concerns neither did they do it because they really wanted everybody to express their franchise, but they did it out of fear of failures and needed to buy more time for their doom day.
Obviously, logically considering the whole scenario and antics of people in charge and control of the elms of affairs, there is just one word that could best describe the reason for postponement, and that is- Buhariphobia (The Fear of Buhari). Because I see no sense in the security operatives telling the Commander in Chief that they are not ready for the work that they are paid to do.
Little wonder the Former President, Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, while reacting to the postponement of the general elections, said and I quote: “I believe the President’s concern of fear is not to live out of office per se, because he and I have occasions to talk about this both seriously and jovially. I believe the President would want an opportunity to disengage peacefully and have a nice, decent and a glorious exit, I believe the President’s fear is, particularly, motivated by the person he sees as his likely successor, that is General Buhari. I believe people would have been telling him that Buhari is a hard man, he would fight corruption and you may end up in jail if not in grave. I believe people must have told him all sorts of things and he is not the only one, there are other people who may be afraid of Buhari, but, why? I would say that Buhari has learnt lessons; if he hasn’t learnt lessons, then he would probably be the most unlearning human being”.
The Presidency fears that General Buhari is on the verge of winning the election and it`s yet to come to terms with such reality.
The Presidency fears that when General Buhari is finally sworn in as the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, that he might come after them and put them behind bars in his attempt to fight against corruption.
The Presidency is afraid of failure, they fear defeat at the Polls. Hence, doing everything within its powers either by hook or by crook to secure victory at the polls.
That same fear is responsible for the Presidency and People`s Democratic Party (PDP) calling on INEC to drop the use of card readers for the elections. Who does not know that the use of card readers would increase the integrity of the process and would help curb the possibilities of rigging and manipulations the elections?
Meanwhile, the truth is, so long Buhariphobia persists; it would be tough for the presidency to take the right decisions as regarding the elections. Hence, would do anything and everything possible to sabotage the effort of INEC and taunt the process. In that case, until it sees the upcoming election as a fair game, where the people are allowed to freely choose the choice of their leaders in a free and fair condition without manipulating the prices, we should probably be expecting more desperation from the presidency.
The effect of this fear has resulted in unnecessary pressure on the electoral body, thereby not making the commission to be independent as it is expected to be.
Hence, whatsoever the fear might have caused the presidency, President Jonathan as the Commander in Chief must not allow it to degenerate into a scenario where the people would be forced to result in breakdown of laws and orders, into chaos and violence.
May be General Buhari would have to reassure the Presidency, that he does not intend to be a Jailer if/when elected as the President, but to be the President of the country with intentions to deliver the dividends of democracy to the people through rule of law and good governance. Who knows, perhaps this could help ease the fears of the Presidency.
God Bless Nigeria
Ogundana Michael Rotimi

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