Pastor Adeboye Responds To Amaechi’s N6Bn Allegations

The General Overseer of Redeemed Christian Church of God, Pst. Enoch Adeboye responded to Governor Rotimi Amaechi’s claims that some pastors have received N6Bn to campaign for President Jonathan.

The preacher addressed the issue in a Facebook post where he took an approach that has been rare in this election season – a path of sanity and gentleness. Pastor Adeboye who is thought of as a close ally of President Goodluck asked any pastor who has collected such money to kindly return it.



  • That governor is an errant boy who will soon be consumed by his greed and betrayal,look at him accusing men of God,the God that they serve will disgrace him in JESUS name

  • How much has Amaech collected? How much? For him to start behaving like a saint. How much has he collected to be a boko haram ally? How much to betray the confidence of im people and jeopardize their future? How much? Time will tell

  • Why do you always post a news where people insult their seniors and when that same person is insulted by his juniors
    you’ll refuse the post?please i need answers because its not fair

    God is God of justice and he is never blind to the plight of people. He will neither concede to corruption nor allow corruption to thrive.
    Jonathan is exploiting the porous mind and corruption pervading at worshipping centers to promote religion sentiment and intolerance among Christians.
    The bribe given to ministers of God is no surprise. It is unfortunate that many of them has taken it sink and nail. Religion is now being used to destabilize us and manipulate election.
    Naming the pastors is not the issue but for our clergy men to stop meddling with politics. Let politicians be made to understand what God wants from leaders so that they can be God fearing.

  • You guys should do research very well.. Baba (Pastor Adeboye) denounced this page.
    He doesn’t use this facebook page….

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