Photo: D’banj Receives Head From Female Fan On Stage


Behold, the Kokomaster at his fullest.

D’banj has continued to celebrate his his 10th anniversary in different locations round the world.

He was in Kong Night club in South Africa just yesterday.

As expected, D’banj thrilled fans in South Africa by performing some of his classic tunes and his latest hit song, ‘Feeling The Nigga’; the Kokomaster went quite raunchy on stage.

Despite the fact that D’banj’s rumored South African boo, Bonang Matheba was present at the event, D’banj gave an impressive performance and got massaged in some sensitive places in return.

A photo of a female fan with her mouth in D’banj’s private area is currently causing a frenzy online.



  1. Total rubbish is dis a gud ambassador to d nigerian music industry? How money foreign artist with bigger names doing dis nonsense on stage

  2. F**k u lien who knows u,ur family can make d money he has make one day fucking bitchass nigga.. Go make ur money and leave d rich nigga alone

  3. computer bases text should have been better, if time could have been given for student to complete their papers. on like me, I did not write mass all because of time the system authormaticaly summits me. whitout writing mathematics . it’s so annoyed after been in a system for all most one hour and no network.and some person received their result via SMS why some of us have not till now. why?

  4. Young star d mara tire me for lien ooo some that has virtually everything he needs n don’t ur calling him a broke ass are u obasanjo

    • You all are fools for supporting that mediocre is very clear that he is past his prime.but all you young punks can see is the money and the fame. What the fuck is the mattercliffe with this present generation?

  5. U are supporting sin just becos u don’t have regard for God but for the komo master.u all will rote in hell if u don’t repent. Get it clear now.on the say of judgement if u Kokomo master supporters refused to turn to God and repent,u will all meet in hell ignorant people Pls repent.

  6. Government should take thoroughly look and make quick action on nigerian girls showing their naked body on social media etc. because political power prevail.


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