Photos: See Asari Dokubo Displaying At Goodluck Jonathan’s Campaign Rally In Bayelsa


Definitely one of the most feared men in Nigeria, Asari Dokubo has thrown his full support behind Goodluck Jonathan in the forthcoming elections.

The Niger Delta Militant who says he isn’t a militant; was heavily present at a campaign rally for Goodluck Jonathan.

Asari Dokubo showed what he’s made of at GEJ presidential campaign rally in Bayelsa.


see more pics below: –



  1. I pledge to Nigeria my country. to no change the thief and re-elect Jonanthan and sambo, to remain our major
    thief, loyal on election, to vote
    JEG with all my strength, to protect
    my pvc and uphold no violence and
    trouble.. So help me God… <3 <3 <3 nothing called change as concerned those candidates (y)

  2. @jack n John.U guys don’t knw more dan dis man…………………He was in 300level b4 he was expeled 4rm university of Calabar…He is jst flewless k nt illitrate as most of u see him.

  3. U wil not believe ur eyes wen it happens, if not for people lyk Asari Dokubo, Tompolo, Boyloaf and oda militants Ijaw nation has been history in Naija. rememba Adaka Boro fought to d bone for d creation of Bayelsa state in wic all Ijaw nation is benefitin dats why we celebrate Adaka Boro evry year in Bayelsa state dis 1 wil not b difrent GEJ til 2019. Pls borow urselves wit sum sense

  4. Jonathan is d number one enemy of Nigeria. Jonathan gave license to supply ammunition to the same set of people (militants) that have threatened d peace of Nigeria before.

    It’s like giving license to Shekau just bcos he has agreed to peace talk.

    I like Jonathan as a person but I dislike him for just dis singular act.

  5. Can someone tell me how and where dokubo,boyloaf,akpamukpolo,ateke,dagogo,emami,Opa and host of others has contributed to the development in the oil reach states?is it asari that was initiated by fasheun as member of opc,fasheun faction and use the advantage being an Ajegunle boy to blend himself with the government of the day and built a university out of the country or dagogo that’s spends most of his time in festac in lagos or emami that spends lavishly on musicians while his grandfathers are swimming in poverty in the niger delta region?are you sure the niger delta people interest is still at center of your hearts?bunch of olodo’s,dull heads and self centred fools.


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