Read This Indepth Open Letter From Actor Prince Eke, To Buhari


Hmm, I guess through this open letter, it’s pretty obvious where his loyalty lies.

Nollywood actor Prince Eke, who is also married to Muma Gee has written an open letter to Gen. Muhammadu Buhari ahead of the elections.

Read below: –

“My letter to BUHARI, Sir ,let us examine your service records. I consider your generation a very privileged one, indeed. In 1975 at d age of 33, you were appointed d Military Governor of d North-Eastern State, present day Borno & Yobe states. In 1976 at d age of 34 you became d Minister 4 Petroleum and Natural Resources. In 1978 at d age of 36 you became d Chairman of d Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC). Today d reverse is d case. Most Nigerians at age of 35 are still unemployed and still living with parents. Many are still not married. During your time you were already Governor at this age.

“One major reason for this unfortunate turn of events is that many elders like you have refused 2 voluntarily handover d baton 2 d next generation. Life should be a relay race where one runs his race and hands over 2 d next. In Nigeria many elders like you have run their races and are still holding on tenaciously 2 d baton.But Sir, I have an important question here 4 you. The question is simple, MUST YOU SERVE NIGERIA AS A PRESIDENT ONLY? IS THERE NO OTHER CAPACITY YOU CAN SERVE US EXCEPT D PRESIDENCY? It is very erroneous 2 imagine that you can only serve Nigeria only in one capacity. During d regime of late General Sani Abacha, you accepted d appointment 2 serve as d Chairman of d then Petroleum Trust Fund (PTF). D general opinion was that you served faithfully in this capacity.

“Well done Sir! But you never asked Abacha 2 vacate office 4 you as your former subordinate in d army. Never! In fact that would have been a dangerous move, if not suicidal. Rather you served faithfully under your former junior in d army. Sir, imagine if you take on another job like d Chairman of EFCC or ICPC or NDLEA. Nigerians actually need you 2 serve in one of these capacities much more than they need you in d Presidency.

“Mere mentioning your name as Chairman of EFCC would drive many corrupt men underground. But you wouldn’t . Either d Presidency or nothing. When are you going 2 handover 2 d next person? It is either you do it voluntarily or risk disgrace at d polls. God bless you sir.


  1. PLS, give room 4 yonger & talented generation!!! U ‘re clamouring 4 change from ur mesiah (buhari) bt how much av u changed in ur attitude & character, when curruption is mentioned d first thought is govt bt d truth is it starts from u, can u acct 4 all d money in ur care & swear there is no magomago, also u want human being to secure u when despite heavy security dis US president was shut dead. when God says dat except God keep d city, d watchman watch bt in vain yet we keep looking 4 change where there is none, WE ARE D CHANGE WE DESIRE and nobody nt even buhari or jonathan!

  2. A complete answer to the inordinate ambition of Buhari and men like him. Either they voluntarily quit or nature or other circumstances disgrace them out. Why must they “taku” in offices? Fly wey no get legal adviser……na him follow dedi bodi…….

  3. Thanks Mr. Prince Eke.
    I only wish Buhari reads this message and yields to the content. Buhari needs to be somewhere else and not Presidency. Sir Buhari, Serve us faithfully another place not Presidency.

  4. Thanks Mr. Prince Eke.
    I only wish Buhari reads this message and yields to the content. Buhari needs to be somewhere else and not Presidency. Sir Buhari, Serve us faithfully another place not Presidency. Choose somewhere else and serve us.

  5. Buhari can not change this contery, change comes once but transformation is a process pls let us accept this transformation process than this change of a man that can not explein what happen to 2billion naira in his own time,

  6. Thanks Mr. Prince Eke,

    Your opinion is a very good one. Buhari suppose to think more on how to serve Nigeria in another capacity. I feel serving as the chairman of EFCC is good. Though I also feel that Jonathan is not the messiah this country needs. The old generation should leave the stage for the new generation . The earlier they do that ,the better.

  7. Even though ur article good but every thn still point down to d fact [email protected] we need sombody like GMB @d top 2flosh corruption.
    Where are u b4 d primary election? Bcause u think u knw history u think u can tell us what we already knw ur article is medicine after death unless u want 2tell me u prefer GEJ 2 GMB with the present situation of ds our country. Or in ur own view of GEJ u think anybody can fight corruption successfully under him.
    4me I prefer 72 yrs hold decicpline man 2 a young in experienced nd clueless man.

  8. So even useless people like Prince Eke, he and his crew of DEVILS who are responsible for spoils of our society, get the guts to write such a stupid article like this. Go mind the nude way of your life, here is states affairs, it concerns people who are Humane not anyhow persons who thinks Nigerians are like toys who lives only in Film-dreams. Buhari is the next President whether you and your Masters, who pays your write-up hate it. It’s Work of God. Go get ready, Nigeria would no longer be safe for bloodsuckers like you!


  10. Well you have voice out your opinion base on sentiment and primodal reasoning tight to ethnic gingoism. But what you to realise is thay your youthful who Nigerian willingly give their Mandate with the hope that he will use his youthfulness to deliver Nigeria from Economic woe, from insecurity, create an enable environment for employement has failed us woefully rather than lead us to the promise land he choose to give his kingsmen an unfetter access to the Nation common wealth thereby plocking the Nigeria Nation into an Economic doldrum and social insecurity but he lag muturity in Governance. So we need a muture heart with adequate experience to move Nigeria forward and not a youth that is ruling Nigeria along ethnic divide

  11. Ill informed ignorant or another paid piper. We shall witness the birth of a new nation When GMB is elected president on feb 14, 2015. Then you will have opportunity to see Good governance. Many so called celebrities like the writer are illiterates who know Nothing about Good governance, but survive on egunje, dished out by corrupt leadership, so they will Say anything to please their paymaster. Bye bye to GEJ and corrupt leadership.

  12. U say young generation…Jonathan what has Jonathan done…naija we are not animals…vote for change…vote buhari..our chibok girls…insecurity.imagine ur self in there shoe’s fuck Jonathan

  13. It is a pity dt some1 like u Eke culd b sayin ds, I wondered wot u arteachhin us in ur home videos dts y I don’t watch it.
    Y don’t com out to contest when u kno dt we need younger generations.
    U shuld think deeply b4 u open ur mouth.
    It is a game of race,anybody can com out to compete, if Papa Sadela is still alive, d race wuld b open for him too if his party chose him.

  14. Shut up abdul… Are some of ur jobless boko frndz not above 35? U guys shld go check urslfs inwardly b4 comin out here o tell us abt the change u don’t even have.

  15. Wonderful, is he a new actor in nollywood?most people I asked no sabi am.Go and be with your tokunbo wife,wife wey so many ,sorry make I shut my mouth.Eke go and be playing drama I beg una.

  16. Though ur article is nice but d conclusion is say GMB ll end in disgrace, is not for u to say. A younger person(GEJ) was given d baton but wat did he do wit it, if GMB ll bring nigeria’s desired change, his age shouldn’t b a barrier to dat.

  17. It is better 4 u pple nt to vote atall than to vote buhari bcos i’m sure u’re CHANGING FROM FRYPAN TO FIRE!!! Vote unchangeable changer He is d only One dat can give us d desired change, bt “aja ti o sonu koni gbo fere olode” dog destined 2 lost will nt yield to hunter’s warning

  18. Prince Eke you made a very good point. Buhari should go for EFCC chairman if he wants to make a change in the country. By then any corrupt official will all know their place.

  19. Prince Eke you made a very good point. Buhari should go for EFCC chairman if he wants to make a change in the country. By then any corrupt official will all know their place.

  20. He’s a stooge & jigolo to muma gee, his mum or aunt’s mate; so am not suprised.
    If the next generation is made of idiots like prince Eke,GEJ,Tompolo&Asari Dokubo, its better we quickly bring back the responsible ones!
    Vote GMB!
    Enough is enough!

  21. Watelse do u think will cum frm him when his so called wife is also aspiring for a seat.We nid nothing bt positive change which is GMB.

  22. How can a man dat held those exalted office, after thirty yrs came to tell us dat he has one million plus in his bank acct, meaning he is not corrupt dats y he is poor, is it only corrupt pple dat r rich in dis country, den if after leaving office for thirty yrs u could not do sumtin tangible to help ur self, bcos u don’t av d technical know how to manage ur self dats y u r poor, how can u now eradicate povalty for ova 160 million Nigerians

  23. @lola gud talk As a patriotic nigerian, I have only a vote but each one of our vote counts. Our votes tell whom you and I believed to change our nation. Nigeria needs change not a political party change neither a leadership change but our foundation needs to be corrected. The problems our country is facing today is an integral of previous rulers, our system of govt wasn’t well formulated and those who started it started with tribalism and sentiment. Corruption orchestrated right from the day of our independent till today because of political immaturity among the past rulers, no time to build a good leadership trend among those past rulers, Nigerians need a leadership course to study in the united state or united kingdom, in fact a man who couldn’t successfully manage his home and you voted him to run the whole country. Nigeria was propagated with corruption and this corruption has extended to every inhabitants of the nation, groups, government, private institutions, house of God, family groups, communities etc. Corruption could only be cub through our foundation not by scientific nor electronic means.

  24. we will not allow the likes of buhari a sponsor of terrorist and violence to rule this nation. make e go rest or better still go boil rice

  25. Jonathan is also a member of bokoharam, infact their top leader… When you don’t have anything to say just keep your comment to yourself @emma

  26. Emeka u dat u are saying, nd i quot”MUST U SERVE NIGERIA AS PRISDENCY “here i ask u,must GEJ serve nig as presidency only,why cant he also contest for d chairman of ICPC or NDLEA?atleast he can also serve nig tru this means.OH! i forgot GEJ cnt serve nigeria through dis means because he himself he is corrupt dats y he wouldnt even dare to.

  27. Y is it dat most of u guys don’t think wit ur head but ur anus b4 u respond 2 ones opinion. Abdul I get d feelings dat ur dad marry 4 u n feed ur family so u don’t knw wat ppl @ 35 go tru dis days. 4 some of u dat said ur grand father shuld come n rule as president, will remain 2 feed on obsolete ideas.I believe most of u guys don’t even think of wat ur tmoro has in stock due 2 wat dis ppl who don’t even av any agenda but 2 kip criticing GEJ. If ur grand father knws wat 2 do, y avn’t he contribute his own idea on hw 2 stop bokoaram b4 now. Abeg he no get anytin 2 contribute, he shuld 1st prove his ability 2 cause change by showing d world dat he can stop bokoaram.

  28. Mr eke just tell us that u want good luck to be back if not rulling is not abt generation were re u b4 d primary is new that u think he can deliver that is why u re talking abt d generation?

  29. Did I hear some1 say his excellence Goodluck jonathan ebele is the change Nigeria needs?……..Five years on, even political observers close to Jonathan give him only average marks for his performance. When one looks at two of his main themes – ensuring a reliable power supply and fighting corruption – the country is today worse off than when he assumed the presidency. Today, only 40 percent of Nigerians have access to electricity. In the 2014 corruption rankings of Transparency International, Nigeria occupied position 136 out of 175.
    Jonathan’s own administration has been shaken by numerous corruption scandals. A parliamentary enquiry in 2012 revealed that, within just three years, state oil income of more than 5 billion euros ($5.7 billion) had been diverted into corrupt channels. Political analyst Nenghe James says this “self-service mentality” among the political elite has dramatically widened the gap between rich and poor in Nigeria under Jonathan’s rule…my follow citizens let’s stop deceiving ourselves,if jonathan was not able to impact positive change in Nigeria during his 3years as Vice president and his five years as president,then believe me ,when I say he have nothing to contribute if he eventually retains d presidency#GoodluckHaveFailedNigerians#….buhari on the other hand is also not the change Nigeria need……for christ sake he assumed a political office @ d age of 33yrs.(Am 37,no work no house no car)….let them allow youths of the country turn d country around…..parties in Nigeria tends to project the wrong people ….GOD HELP US

  30. If buhari or jonathan wins dis election…..Nigeria will be worst than before….both of them won’t be able to take Nigerians to the promised land!……y didn’t apc bring out fashiola of lagos or kano’s governor. Or even okorocha of imo?…..y didn’t pdp bring out akwa ibom governor as dia flag bearer?…this is to show that parties nominates persons that will only benefit their pockets and banl accounts and not for the general people of the nation……citizens look beyond APC/PDP ,religion nd tribalism

  31. D guy dat write dis piece looks lyk stupid person. GEJ has rule 4 6years already nd why he’s still wants re-election nd nt take up d positions u listed? Is it only d presidential position dat he sees? He have evil agenda dat blow up on his face. If u have nothing meaningful 2 say concerning national issues u just go 2 beer parlour where ur face belong. Fool lyk u!


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