See Photos Of How Obasanjo’s PDP Membership Card Was Torn


This is really hilarious, I guess this clears the air on who he’s supporting to win the presidential election in a few weeks time.

The Godfather himself, Obasanjo officially dumped the PDP during a press conference and symbolized the move with the tearing of the card.

Former President, Olusegun Obasanjo, on Monday, February 16, tore his Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) membership card.

The former President however didn’t tear the card himself but instead apparently instructed an associate to rip it into the shreds.







  1. Irresponsibility.Unstatemanly behaviour devoid of any learning content for future generation.A crude politician.The United Nations must feel justified for not approving his bid for UN Secretary-General position.A monumental disgrace in the history of Nigeria.Go to the marine,where you rightly belong.

  2. This is a free world! You choose which party you wish to belong to, not by coercion… So, people castigating Obasanjo must be suffering from “brain disorderly”.

    How would you feel if you install someone in a position that he didn’t merit, and canvass support for him only for the person to turn his back on you?

    Who is Jonathan when Obasanjo was in power? Who was the originator of PDP? Who revived PDP and forced them on Nigeria? was he not Obasanjo?

    And now that he withdrew his membership, must those insane member of PDP start castigating him?

    Useless PDP.

  3. Obj Fuck up idiot very soon u will join ur forth fathers dat is Y I still respect IBB as d best GEN an GAWON instead of put d country in shape u wnt to destroy US u will die dis year by God grace

  4. Obasanjo as we all know before that he is not a righteous man already have a devilish mind for GEJ in his pursuit. When he was a leader if this nation and Jonathan was his vice then, both of u were friends but when it is now Jonathan turn, he turn against him. Hmmm Obasanjo or whatever they call u can’t u fear God at all. Love ur neighbour as urself. It is a commandment by God. Obasanjo repent.

  5. well I don’t blamed all the loose mouth DAT comment earlier about obasanjo despite all they say in all ramifications dey can’t say Gej is beta than BABA so and everyone has justification for his/ her own action.

  6. Why can’t we 4 ones say d truth? All dis politicians r just fighting 4 dia selfish interest. Open ur eyes guys. No one care abt u or ur family.stop figthing 4 some 1 who doesn’t no u exist. Fight 4 urselves.

  7. Life is all about intent and reasons for actions and inactions. OBJ might be overwhelmed with the pains and sufferings of Nigerians at this time of his life. But all the same, PDP card is neither Bible nor Quran. So everybody should hold their peace, since campaigns can go in different dimensions as long as it does not touch on religion, ethnicity, and peace of the populace. This is a simple and mere strategy to hurt the boys who refused to heed to the voice of their fathers. So if your religion or ethnicity is not PDpigs, then please hold your peace.

  8. Baba is a shrewd politician. Don’t tongue-lash him. I know exactly what he’s up to. He wants to destabilize the opposition by publicly ordering his membership card torn. He had somebody tear his card so that he can always deny it, can’t you all see?! Very soon you’ll hear something like, “**clears throat** Don’t beg me to back to PDP, I never left. And how could you even insinuate that I tore my membership card? I never did! Or can you prove that I did??…”

  9. Past. Tunde Bakare was right about OBJ. he came with his messiah complex and having lost control and relevance, chooses to rubish the platform that gave him prominence after his release as an ex convict. Mandela would never have behaved like you did. That is why you keep loosing your frail reputation daily. Shame!!!!!!!!!

  10. Obj is a military General,obj is d only 2times president in different attire,obj is d founding father of pDP,obj is d chairman board of trustee of pdp,but despite he went ahead and did this to pdp ok…thare are some element of truth obj u did d right thing,leave them with there shit they can not go any where with it


  12. Reacting to what baba Obj has done,I tink he has a right to do and undo when it comes to joinin a political party,either good or bad his action must be respected…thanks

  13. Ogre-in-aambush! Nkita ala, because u cannot control our dear president, u are just a frustrated old control freak who is having a tantrum cos he cannot have his way. Well I got news for u senile old goat, PDP dnt need u!

  14. OBJ go and die
    You can not tell us who to vote
    In fact you are not a role model
    No past leader in Nigeria has behaved the way you have been behaving
    Abeg park well
    GEJ till 2019


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