See This Hilarious PDP Campaign Poster Found In Yenagoa, Bayelsa State


Na wa oooh, there’s nothing we won’t see this election period.

I was surfing the net and I came across this funny photo above.

The photo portrays an athletic contest between Goodluck Jonathan and Buhari, with the referee announcing Jonathan as the winner.

Do you think this will happen in a few days time???


  1. So it shall be for the sake of the new Nigeria we are all building. We won’t go back into the forest again. Nothing and nobody will take us back again. We shall correct our mistakes and move forward. No going back.

  2. @Tade, u are just inside ur house and u don’t know what Nigeria is facing under GEJ. 1 ghana cedis is now N58 that means if u have 1000 cedis now is N58000 nigeria money. Before Gej 1000 cedis is not up to N20. That shows how bad our economy are now…

  3. suppose GEJ was able to make Nigerians enjoy power 4 only just 18 hr per day up till now e will not need to put him self in all the mess e purchased long ago to himself. even his enemies will vote 4 him unknowingly. So this is the strongest clew to put Nigerians heart in your hand not wasting of money which can make a change in someone’s for meaningless posters


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