Sheyi Shay Has Some Words For Her Fashion Sense Critics… READ


It seems like a lot of celebrities have had their fashion sense debated by their fans on social media and some have kicked back.

‘No album yet’ singer, Sheyi Shay shared a photo of herself rocking a new look on her Instagram page; but some of her fans didn’t appreciate the singer’s new look rocking the grey hair.

Sheyi wrote these words for her haters: –

“The gr8st thing about this hair is that it goes too well with the next 3 characters of my next 3 music video Features and my single #waitforit Thanks 4 approving the hair ya’ll. My REAL peoples opinions count. Finally I can be myself! Because “Different” is in! Don’t be afraid to be different! I’d rather be hated for being me than be hated for someone I’m not’  #middlefingertotheworld (Mushroom said so) That’s y he’s my nikka!! “


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