Stop Running Back Home During Elections, Stay Back And Defend Yourselves – Ohanaeze Tells Igbos In The North


The pan-Igbo socio-cultural association, Ohanaeze Ndigbo, on Friday told all Igbos residing in the northern part of the country to stay back and defend themselves and their properties in the event of any post-election crisis in which they are attacked.

The call came on the heels of reports of mass exodus of non-indigenes from the northern parts of the country to their home states over fear of violence as a result of the general elections.

President General of Ohanaeze, Chief Gary Enwo Igariwey, who addressed journalists at the Ohanaeze national Secretariat in Enugu yesterday, said, in case of possible post-election crisis in the north where the Igbo people are usually potential targets, they should not run away, rather they should mobilize and resist such attack on them.

According to Igariwey, Ndigbo should no longer turn the other cheek when they are slapped. “Ndigbo are tired of running away each time there is crisis in the country. We are part of Nigeria and where we are living is our home; so Ndigbo should remain where they are residing and doing their legitimate business. If they are attacked, they should resist the attack”, he said.

The Ohanaeze leader noted that there are over 3.7 million Igbos residing in Kano alone and that such number could be used to cripple activities in the city if that was what the indigenes wanted.


  1. my problems with ibos as a tribe is that they seems to be envious of any of the major tribes in nigeria.
    They also tend to sale their own leadership for cash whenever they have an opportunity,they support anything to go on provided money is shared; at the same time it is the only tribe that cannot form alliance with any tribe in Nigeria.
    Here are few examples of leaders they supported in the past:
    Association for better Nigeria was headed by Jerry Okoro an Ibo man to support Babangida; during Abacha a match known as ‘one million Man match’ was headed by an Ibo Man the aim was to support Abacha to remain in power!!!; during Obasanjo third term saga all IBO senators agreed with OBJ with the exception of KEN,and Wabara!!! if every supported OBJ then i wonder where they would have seen their messiah called GEJ now? please be sincere with yourselves the past leaders you supported and collected money which of has a granite cast reputation like GMB.