Things Every Lady Should Know About Bikini Wax

article-201461544234015820000Many women tend to ignore, either out of embarrassment or because they think it is not important enough is ‘Bikini Waxing’. After spending so much on lingerie shopping for your wedding night and honeymoon, having a well-groomed intimate area becomes a need of the occasion, doesn’t it? That apart, it ensures hygiene, and has a “feel good” factor associated with it too. It does involve a lot of doubts and queries though. Here, we have tried to talk about all the commonest queries related to bikini waxing.

What you must know before you go for it
Remember that you cannot just hop into a salon and ask for a bikini wax to be done. There are some points that you need to keep in mind, which are as below:
If you are getting a wax down there for the first time, make sure you don’t go for it just before your wedding. Waxing often leaves the area sore, tender and swollen, especially when it is the first time. If you have enough time on hand, start at least three months before the wedding, so you can go for multiple sessions until the special day.
Another benefit of starting with this much before the wedding is that the more often you get it done, the weaker the hair follicles become, making the hair finer, and the process less painful.
Make sure that the hair is gown to at least 1/8th to 1/4th of an inch for most effective waxing.

Take an appointment well in advance, so that your beautician can be prepared, and will not have to rush through.
Make sure you do not have any cuts, bruises or rashes, to avoid infection and irritation.
You can go for it during your period. But, many women complain of their skin being extra sensitive during their periods. So, you might want to skip it then.

Hygiene matters you cannot ignore
Remember that it is a delicate area, and requires utmost care. Which is why, here are some points you cannot ignore:
Take a shower and wash your intimate area clean before you go for a bikini wax. This can be one of the many steps towards reducing infection.
Make sure that your beautician uses all clean equipment and disposable waxing strips.
Be very sure that the table you lie on is clean. Even if it appears clean, ask your beautician to wipe it with a damp cloth or change the sheets, right before you lie down.
If you see dust, drips of wax on the sheets or other equipment, unclean applicator or strips of cloth being used for waxing, then these are clear signs that you should not get it done at this salon!

How painful is it?
As it can be imagined, bikini waxing can be painful, especially during the first time. However, here is what you can do to make the process easier:
Most of the times, the pain is a result of you being too self-conscious or feeling awkward. Try to relax as your beautician does her job.
Avoid getting a bikini wax done a few days before your period. Resistance to pain goes down for many women during this time, let alone the PMS that can cause more irritation.
Avoid consuming drinks like alcohol, coffee or strong tea, as they can tighten the pores of the skin, thus making hair removal more painful.
Do not interfere in what your beautician is doing. She is a professional, and your interference might make her do something that might cause pain or irritation.
Like we mentioned before, the more times you get it done, the less painful it becomes. So, start at least a few months before the wedding.

Choose what suits you best
For those who are completely oblivious of the details of bikini waxing, here is a surprise- there is a variety of options for you to choose from. Just take a look to pick the one that suits you the best:
Bikini line wax- Here, only the area around the panty-line is waxed. Many salons include this with the full legs waxing. The hair on the lower abdomen might also be waxed, leaving a trimmed and neater look.
Brazillian wax- In this type, the entire bikini area is waxed, front to the hind. But in this case, some trimmed hair might be left in the front, to retain the “natural” look.
Hollywood-style wax- Similar to the Brazillian wax, this style leaves absolutely no hair on the front and the back.
French wax- In this type, only the frontal bikini area is waxed, not the back.

Post-waxing care you must not forget
Here is what you can do to soothe the skin after your bikini waxing session:
The skin down there is delicate, and obviously a little irritated after the wax. So, soothe it by applying some moisturising lotion that has aloe vera in it.
Avoid sauna, or hot showers and hot tubs, to avoid irritating the sore skin.
Avoid using soaps, shower gels and other cleansers for 24 hours, as the chemicals in the might aggravate the sensitive skin.
Now that we have equipped you with all the basics about bikini waxing, we are sure, you are all the more confident about going for a bikini wax, aren’t you?




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