Tonto Dikeh Celebrates The Return Of Her ‘Good Girl’ Self

In the past, Tonto Dikeh was associated with controversy and not to pleasant stories..However, all that seems to be a thing of the past now. She is celebrating the return of a good girl..She says she now loves herself, respects herself and doesn’t need to be bad to get attention


Return of the girl who Loves herself.. The girl who respects herself and knows her worth is beyond what money could buy .. Return of the girl who doesn’t have to be Bad to get to get attention or compete.. Return of the girl who is brave enough to not believe any of the lies told to her, sold to her & others about who she is.. Return of the girl who’s strong enough to walk in her own identity and doesn’t need to conform to the crowd. .. Return of the #GoodGirl .. It’s a movement. #RT #RETURNOFPOKO

Love is a beautiful thing when it’s real


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