Warning Signs Of A Potential Wife-Beater


1. If he’s not proud of you
He might feel like you are some kind of *embarrassment* to him. He might also resent you because he’ll feel that people look down upon him because of you.

2. If he’s possessive
He sees you as one of his belongings, so if feels threatened (like someone might snatch you away from him) he might beat to protect his territory.

3. If he’s a mama’s boy
He might beat because his mum comes first & he’ll see you as trying to break that bond.

4. If he’s a flirt
He’ll beat because you’ll try to put him in line and he’ll take it for you trying to control his life.

5. If he’s insecure
He feels that he might lose you any time, so you’ll find yourselves quarreling over “Who called you?”, “Who did you stop to greet?” etc. This might lead to beating.

6. If he’s a drunk
When he knocks and you go to open the door, you might receive a punch…Alcohol has a way of interferring with someone’s reasoning capacity. That’s why when someone is drunk, they can give even their deepest secret.

7. If he uses drugs (Cocaine, heroine, etc). The explanation is same as above.

8. If he gets angry easily/he’s highly temperamental
When you are angry you can do crazy things, which include beating. Some people know how to control their anger, but others don’t.

9. If he’s a chauvinist
He has prejudice against women. He sees them as inferior beings who have no say. If you try to challenge his beliefs/the status quo, he might beat you.

10. If he’s a masochist
A masochist is someone who obtains pleasure from receiving punishment. He might transfer that to you thinking that you’ll also like it.